Wednesday, 19 December 2012

H&M Haul!

Ok so today I called into the my city centre while buying my dog a coat (don't ask- she's cold and spoilt and i'm a fantastic owner..) while there I called into H&M on a bit of an impulse (mostly because it was a warm shop and also i'd spotted some v cute pj's in the window- the power of advertisment!) however once inside I noticed they had a sale on and couldn't resist a look....

The first thing I spotted was this gorgeous blue/gold woven striped top... I loved this top full price but never got around to buying it. However for £10 (it actually went through the tills at £9) I couldn't resist! Perfect for layering and with shorts in summer :)

Woven top- £9.

The second thing I spotted was a BIG BIG BIG deal for me.
I finally got a cream, cable knit jumper!
H&M- £7
This jumper is actually a size 16 (i'm 8-10) but I think it was originally meant to be a crop jumper effect as it's the perfect length on me.
I literally COULD NOT be happier that I now own this jumper. It's a lovely, thick material and the slightly too long sleeves are so snuggly!

The jumper off.

£14.00 to £7!!


My final clothing item from H&M was this dress- it's a super simple black flip hemmed dress. I like to wear dresses through the day a lot so this dress will get plenty of wear!
Black dress- £4

I think £7.99 is already a total bargain so £4 is even better!

 Jewellery wise, I bought this simple brown stoned ring. I wear A LOT of rings (at least 5 at one time) so I seem to spend my life searching sales for new, interesting ones. I love the brown and gold colours of this ring- they're so expensive looking!
Ring- £1

The ring on.
H&M had a lot of big stone rings in the sale. I loved the majority of them, especially a big chunky blue one but they were too big... I think when you wear a lot of rings, it's important not to have too many huge ones or you risk over powering your hands, especially if you have tiny childs like hands like mine!

This bag caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store but I just didn't know if it was too out there... finally, I just couldn't resist!
Silver bag- £7

This bag is reflective and silver. It is entirely impractical and quite space age but I love it! It's incredible! 

I also got a couple of extra's from H&M- some body butters and false eyelashes for my sisters for christmas and a little mermaid tshirt for my niece. It was at this point, with an overflowing basket I headed to the till points. However I bought all of these goodies for £36.99 which I thought was amazing! I could have gone on.. there were perfumes, make up bags, vests and jeans in the sale too. 
I'm not normally a H&M fan but the sale is amazing- get your self down!
G xxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wish List!

So, quick blog today... here's my November wish list!

'All About Me'
Lipstick, Topshop £8.

I'm determined to face my fear of red lipstick. I will conquer it!

'Balboa Island Sweater'
Jumper, Hollister £39.

This jumper is so 'boyfriend' style. Plus it looks like it'd be so comfy it would be like wearing a quilt as a jumper. I can't imagine anything better...

'Glittery shorts' 
Shorts, River Island, £30

This shorts are perfect for party season! They also come in plenty of different colours so there's a pair for every outfit!

'D.I.Y Studs'
River Island, £6 (10 pack)

Studs- perfect for some wardrobe DIY! I'd love to go crazy and shoes, bags and jackets with this studs!

'Tiger Motif cropped angora jumper'
Jumper, Mulberry £350

I absolutely adore this super cute Mulberry jumper. It's angora knit with the cutest tiger motif! Maybe one for Santa...

'Joined stacking ring'
Ring, Accessorize £10.

I'm a total ring addict so these would be perfect for me.. they're so gold and pretty! 

'Slouchy billow dress'
Dress, Topshop Boutique £95.

I think this dress would be so perfect for layering up in the winter! I can just imagine it with thick tights and a chunky knit!

'Tiger Lily'
Scoop side booties, CJG for Topshop £50
These boots are the ultimate shoe lust. They're so impossibly high and shiny, what's not to love?

'1969 Always Skinny'
Jeans, Gap £49.95
Dark jeans are always the best jeans in my opinion. They're flattering, hide stains plus this pair were designed to be more 'eco friendly'- they can be wore more times than normal jeans and only need rinsing to be clean. Amazing.

'Skull-print modal and cashmere-blend'
Pashmina, Alexander McQueen £245
The iconic McQueen scarf. It's so glam it's a 'pashmina', not even a scarf. This and the equally iconic Mulberry Bayswater Bag are my number one lust list items. Everybody take note for my christmas presents please..!

So that's it! A super quick post on my November wish list. I'm feeling very christmassy and also very depressed about my lack of designer clothes after composing my list!
Happy Thursday everyone!
G xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Weekends in Birmingham..

Hello again!
I'm FINALLY back after a hiatus... basically, I dropped out of university and so i've been dealing with the aftermath of that decision.... it's basically been v difficult and i'm currently attempting to write a personal statement.. AGAIN!! Sooooo much drama! I've also been working like CRAY-ZEEEE due to the holidays that are coming!
Anyway, I spent the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend in Birmingham (his university city!) so thought that would be an ideal blogging topic.

I arrived at New Street Train Station at about 11. Admittedly, New Street isn't my favourite train station in the world... The actual station reminds me of an airport with its range of shops and cafes etc (which I love) but the platforms are way too 'London Tube' style for my liking!

However, the best part of the station is that it opens out straight into The Bullring, Birmingham's biggest shopping centre! This means I get off a train, walk for literally about 2 minutes and then i'm in Topshop. AMAZING.

View of the iconic (and really cool) Bull ring from a gorgeous, if slightly crowded Starbucks. The day was beyond miserable, hence the umbrellas! But hitting the shops definitely helped any S.A.D! :)

We also hit the German Market which was huge! I'm sure on a nicer evening it would have been lovely and romantic but in reality, it was raining, I was cold, there were people everywhere and I had seriously achey feet thanks to my gorgeous, but not very practical, heeled chelsea boots! However I did still enjoy our wander! 

Birmingham's HUGE Christmas tree! 

The gorgeous market and christmas lights :)

Also, on a side note to any foodies- we had a nando's whilst on our day trip. I had my usual (lemon and herb chicken pitta extra cheese with chips please) with nando's amazing classic salad dressing. 
Seriously, does anyone know where I can buy this dressing from? The stuff is incredible. I'm not a huge spicy food fan but I like some sort of sauce with my meal.This dressing is sooooo tasty!
Anyway, foodie moment over!

And finally, how could I do an entire blog without mentioning any buys??
I couldn't, of course!
I've mostly bought christmas presents (including an amazing Strawberry set from the Body Shop for my sister!) but I treated myself to some jewellery!
All of these were in the sale-
Tribal neckalce (set of 3- £3.50 Matalan)
Cross beaded earrings (£2- Matalan)

Diamant√© Cross ring (£1.50 Miss Selfridge)
Triple Diamante ring (set of 3- £3 Miss Selfridge)

So many bargains!

Anyway, thats all from me, another blog done!

Hope everyone has a lovely week.. only two days until the weekend!
It's good to be back!
G xxxx

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter Blues

Hello again!
Hope everyone's well and enjoying Halloween! I had a lovely evening carving a pumpkin (I made it look like a cat, miaow!) and eating far too many sweets!
I'm home from uni at the minute and although I won't go into detail, I'm definitely not enjoying my university experience. I'm lucky to have a wonderful support network of friends and family but after speaking to a lovely careers advisor today, I know that a lot of people aren't as lucky as me and my advice if you are struggling, would be to go see your uni's careers advisor and counselling. Alternatively, i'm not expert but I have spoken to SO many people I'm beginning to know what i'm talking about! My email address is and i'm always here to help anyone especially since I know how hard it can be!

Anyway, back to business!

My first new is that I have something to admit...I went into a charity shop last week for THE FIRST TIME. (I know, I know, i'm so sorry, what have I been doing with my life?!) I originally only called in for a new book but saw this coat and fell in loveeeee!

Coat- £13.99 (originally George at ASDA, bought in a charity shop)
I could NOT be happier with this coat! I've been searching for a white, long, faux fur coat for at least a year so it was an amazing chance to find this one, it just goes to show how amazing charity shops are!

Also this week I treated myself to a new clutch bag! A similar bag from Topshop retailing at £38 initally caught my eye but, being the poor student I am, I couldn't justify spending so much money on a clutch! However, I found this very similar bag at Matalan for £8! The bag comes in grey (the shade I bought) and plain black, definitely worth an investment!

Bag- £8 Matalan.

And finally! 
I did try and avoid the topshop sale.. honestly I did... ! But I totally caved in! I bought some long gold earrings and these incredible trousers!
They're so totally not my normal style but the pastel colours and the amazing, soft jersey material totally drew me in! I absolutely love them and can't wait to buy matching new tops and accessories! 

Finally on today's blog i'd give some style tips to your room, so you can keep every aspect of your life stylish! I love having my rooms (uni and home!) very girly and very personal- I have photo's and memento's everywhere!

My first tip is:
Keep it personal!
Decorate your room with photos and cute notice boards (so helpful for scatter brains like me!) pin boards are a great way of showing off your photos without the cost and clutter of frames! Also, at home I've covered the back of my door in a collage- anything in magazines that catches my eye, I stick on! So easy and yet it can look so stylish!

Second tip:
First of all, i'd just like to say i'm so sorry for my instagram totally being in this photo but my laptop wouldn't allow me to edit it!
My second tip is the co-ordinate. Pick a theme and stick with it- mixing a modern 'british' look, e.g, greys, union jack patterns with a vintage-y look can be a total mis-match and end up looking confused. I think sticking to one colour and then experimenting with shades (such as in this photo, my uni room where I have a range of pinks) is definitely the best way to go!
Again, in this photo you can see my idea of  'little touches' definitely help! I love cushions and I find adding a throw to my horrible green chair has cheered the room up! Things like rugs and throws definitely cheer the room up!

Finally, my uni room has more notice boards than I really know what to do with so this is my least used board. I mostly stick important things on here- such as my graze box I still need to order and tickets, a trolley thing and train tickets! It's definitely the most visual and easiest way to remember things! 

That's all from me for today then! I finally have my laptop back after a long, hard week so normal blogging should commence from now on! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!
G xxx

Friday, 12 October 2012

Shopping Haul!

Hello everyone! Sorry for neglecting my blog recently- i've had a mad few weeks at uni with all the work, lectures and homesickness!
However i'm back and since I had a spare hour until I have to get a train to Birmingham to see my wonderful boyfriend, I thought i'd share my most recent buys with you all...
For anyone that hasn't noticed, winter is definitely fast approaching. boo. :( But on the bright side, it means an excuse to go shopping to top up my winter wardrobe!

Knitted vest top- Topshop £15.
I've had my eye on this top for a while as I love the totally on trend berry colour and the faint aztec pattern that makes it a little bit unusual. My local shopping centre, The Waterside, recently had a student lockin which meant I got 20% off in topshop so I had to treat myself!
The top is a perfect 'casual' item that looks lovely with jeans and topshop also do it in an amazing navy colour!

Close up of the pattern/texture/colour!

I bought the t-shirt in a size 12 as that was the only size left but it isn't too baggy!

Also from topshop during the lock in, I finally got a tshirt dress! This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to my wardrobe in a long time!
Oversized T-shirt- Topshop £14.
The 'dress' is meant to just be an oversized t shirt but due to my extreme petite ness, it is long enough to be a dress on me! I've simply added a pair of gold shorts underneath (just in case!) for a simple, casual outfit.
I also think £14 is an AMAZING price for such a good quality item! I can definitely see this item getting a lot of wear over the winter as the perfect layering essential- I can wear it as a dress or over leggings due to the plain-ness of the tshirt.

 The dress is very true to size- a S/M is over sized without drowning me and goes past my bum! 

Also earlier on it the week, I called into River Island as they had 20% off (I love being a student!) and although nothing caught my eye in the women's section, I saw this shirt in the men's section and loved it!
I did originally buy this shirt for my boyfriend as a christmas present but I have being sneakily wearing it tucked into my shorts!   

Close up of the aztec/checked pattern which I think makes the shirt look so different and unique! 

'Nordic tribe'
With 20% off I got this shirt for £28 which for a river island shirt, is definitely a bargain!

Finally I have some BIG BIG BIG news....
You may have seen in a past blog I bought some winter boots, however I then decided I didn't like them etc etc etc. so since I have been searching endlessly for some winter boots! I knew I wanted some chelsea boots with a slight heel but could I find any I liked?? No I couldn't.
Until I hit the Office sale!
Boots- Office £35 (down from £80)
I literally COULD NOT be happier about these boots! They're a gorgeous dark brown/red colour which is a nice change from the usual black and they're a wonderful suede/leather material. 

Office have some amazing boots in their sale so it's definitely worth a look online or in your local store for a bargain!

Finally, for when winter really kicks in..
I definitely have my eye on this amazing cream/brown fur coat from Topshop £98) however I definitely can't afford it! I also already own a light brown fur coat however mine is a short one and I just love how comfy this one looks! It may be one for my christmas wish list!

So that's it from me! I'm still definitely struggling with university and i'm not sure if its the right life choice/ course for me but I believe that everything happens for a reason so i'll find myself eventually! I also worked for the Waterside Shopping centre's facebook page during the recent student lockin which was an amazing experience, i'll probably be posting links soon!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
G xxxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Today's blog is going to be another Beauty Review, this one of 'Go Tropicoral' by my favourite beauty brand 'Benefit'!
I was bought this kit by my mum's friend as a leaving present when I went to uni and received this as well as 'Radiant Skin Care- B-Right' which i'll review at a later date.

The Go Tropicoral Kit can be perchased from debenhams for £24.50:

According to its online description- 'Each kit includes and iconic tint, award-winning cheek colour, luscious lip gloss and sext highlighter' (I don't know what a 'sext' highlighter is either... anyone?) and my kit has 'HIGH BEAM' (highlighter) CHA CHA TINT (cheek/lip tint) and CORALISTA lip gloss/cheek colour.

The set also has a handy mirror and tips on the inisde which I thought was such a good feature! A brilliant selling point of benefit is that they give instructions with all sets/kits of how to use them which makes it so much easier to learn and then experiment!

And the colours! Unfortuantly 'Coralista' cheek colour (basically a very light pink) didn't show up in this picture!

Close up of 'Coralista' lipgloss

Close up of 'High Beam' (on the left) and 'Cha Cha Tint' (right)

So, are these products any good?
I have very mixed feelings about this kit so i'll have to break it down for you...

Coralista lipgloss:
 This lipgloss is definitely not a favourite of mine. Although I LOVE the colour- a lovely, rich coral, the lipgloss is FAR TOO THICK and sticky and gloopy... it makes my lips feel horrible so i'm less than keen to wear the gloss daily!
 I definitely wouldn't pay Benefit prices for this lipgloss- the texture is definitely not high quality! I much prefer lip stains/sticks now as well so the thick gloss was a totally abnormal feeling!

Coralista Cheek Colour:
If i'm entirely honest, I'm not actually sure what this product is?!
It's not a blusher but it's not a bronzer... it's somewhere in between which is very unusual. However, that said, I love this product!
It's a lovely, light pink colour that really makes my skin look glowing and healthy without being too 'red cheeked' like blusher makes me, or too 'tanned' as I tend to get with bronzers! This has also come into my life at the perfect moment as I left my beloved Benefit bronzer at home at the weekend so Coralista is my replacement face powder colour!

'High Beam' Highlighter:
I'm a huge fan of High Beam- I actually used to own HB a while ago and so was pleasantly surprised when I opened my kit and saw it!
HB can be used on the brow line for brighter looking eyes, lips for fuller looking lips, or (my personal favourite) on cheeks to make cheekbones look slimmer (or in my case, as though they actually exist!
High Beam is definitely something of a 'miracle product'- it claims to be able to fix all your flaws but unlike most of these products, High Beams claims are true!
Definitely worth an investment if you're a highlighter fan.

And last but not least...

'Cha Cha Tint': Lip and Cheek Tint.

This was the product I was most excited to try when I received the kit.. but did it live up to the hype?
In a word- YES. I absolutely love this product!
I much prefer the 'tint' idea to a creamy lipstick or a thick gloss- I find that glosses/lippies only really sit on top of my lip, just waiting for me to take a drink/have a conversation to get rid of them whereas stains/tints, that stain your lips, are much more long lasting!
I actually prefer tints to stains too- stains, clues in the name, are extremely long lasting... they're up there with waterproof mascara in terms of 'difficult products to remove'! which I find slightly annoying, especially if you're anything like me and change your lip colour all the time!
The tint is basically a neon pink looking liquid that you 'paint' your lips with... the colour IS NOT the colour it appears in the bottle but rather, goes on a lovely dark pink colour... at least it does on my lips- you have to remember that whereas a gloss simply applies a layer of colour OVER  your lips, a tint sinks in more and adapts.
 I've worn this colour every day since I was given the set (last Saturday) and have received compliments for it every day!
Definitely worth an investment for any lip colour lovers out there looking for a gorgeous coral/dark pink shade and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more tints, especially by my favourite brand Benefit!

So over all, I would say the kit is worth getting if you're a fan of two or more of these products.. £24.50 is definitely good value for 4 Benefit products, even if they are only travel sized versions and the packaging is so adorable! Plus I think the sets are a really non-scary way of introducing and experimenting with different products without having to buy the full sized version of the product/spend a lot of money.
I would recommend this product and I can't wait to try more of the kits!

Hope you all have lovely weeks... i've offically started my course which seems to be a year of very hard work... i'm not sure how I feel about that!
But i'm going for a celebratory (celebrating a week and a bit at uni? my first full day? any excuse!) nando's tonight which should be very enjoyable!
G xxx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Waking Up In Vegas

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is well! Sorry for not blogging in a while- my first week of uni was literally insane and I've just got back from a lovely weekend at home as my home sickness got a little bit too much! However before I went I went exploring the shops in my new home!

I hit Primark first, being the poor student that I am, and stumbled across this jumper!

Jumper- £8 Primark. 

The reason the jumper is so inexpensive (even by Primark standards!) is because I actually got it from the boys section! I love the jumper though- the jersey material is insanely comfy and the aztec pattern is so on trend!

I also bought a basic tee from 'Internationale'- the top was £5 in the sale and I bought it mostly to wear tucked into my dip hemmed skirt/ tucked into jeans. I love that although this top is a casual style, the metallic colour gives it a slight edge!


And finally, another Primark buy!

I absolutely love cute animal prints (both leopard prints and literal animals!) and I absolutely love shirts (always a  wardrobe classic and the perfect dress up/down option!)

Shirt- £12 + Vest £2- Primark.
I LOVE this shirt for its adorable pattern and its amazing on trend studded collar! Also, the price was just too good to turn down! The shirt has a koala pattern on it and I recieved so many compliments when I wore it!

Close up of the Koala! I love this print on the shirt, and the shirt itself, so much, i'm seriously hoping Primark will be doing more bargains like this throughout the winter! 

And a close up of the studs! I love the studding because it makes the otherwise quite safe and cute shirt really on trend and a bit tough! Who ever knew koala's could be so fashionable??

I wore my shirt (with vest under) for a uni visit to Lincoln Castle in the torrental rain with my Levi Shorts (eBay), parka (see previous blogs) and tights, socks and Converse. The look was perfect at keeping me snug yet fashionable on a budget!

I'll be going back to beauty reviews in my next blog (Lush Rockstar soap and B-Right Benefit face care kit!) which I will hopefully post tomorrow. However a long day of looking after my niece and travelling back to Lincoln on the country's delightful *ahem* railways has left me exhausted and ready for a shower in my new power shower (thank you Lincoln maintanance man!) and a good nights sleep ready for my first proper lecture which is tomorrow, how exciting!

I've also spent a lot of my weekend on App's for clothes stores as I left my laptop in Lincoln when I went home and HAVE to mention how amazing the Zara App is! It's definitely taking over from Topshop as my favourite clothes related app and even if you are not a Zara fan as such (like me) it's still well worth a download just to admire the ease of browsing! River Island and Miss Selfridge- take note!

Hope you all have lovely weeks that aren't too effected by the on set of Winter that seems to have appeared..! :(
G xxx