Tuesday, 31 July 2012

If I was a rich girl...

Today i've been feeling sorry for myself. Boo. :( I don't often allow myself to mope and be wistful because I prefer to be proactive and go out and get what I want, not just dream about it. 

However today I have seen TWO expensive dresses I am seriously lusting over:

The First one is a Miss Selfridge leotard style with a sheer maxi skirt over it in the most beautiful coral/salmon/pink colour. I saw this online and am seriously considering investing in it next payday. I usually prefer dark/metallic dresses but I have seriously fallen for this one!

The second one is this Topshop sequinned shirt dress. I saw this dress in store and loved it then- it fufills my love of all things sparkly while still being, potentailly, quite casual! I just know this is one of those dresses that won't suit me though as I am an hourglass shape so the baggy 'shirt' style but I still can't help adoring it!

I found both of these dresses on the app's for the stores (Miss Selfridge and Topshop) which I LOVE. I also have the River Island and Ebay app and spend so much of my time 'window shopping' on them!

I was admiring my dream bag online (A Mulberry Bayswater in, Oak Natural Leather, naturally) which something I only indulge in once a month as a special treat, as well as admiring a Facebook friends holiday photos so began to feel very fed up, frustrated and very poor!

However yesterday I did some baking to cheer myself up. Much like the wonderful Dr. Izzie Stevens in my favourite program, Grey's Anatomy, I bake whenever I feel angry/sad/emotional and yesterday made some butterfly buns! Or 'bunfly' buns as my (less than) hilarious daddy prefers to call them.

Making buns (or 'cupcakes' as non northern people may refer to them) is super duper easy. However I was surprised that some people didn't know! So here's another step by step guide by me!

How to make Cup cakes in 10 easy steps!:

1). Preheat your oven to 180'c. 

2). Measure out 4oz of butter (margarine works fine too) and pour into your mixing bowl.

3). Measure out 4oz. of sugar (my recipe book says caster sugar but i've been using normal sugar for years and never killed anyone/effected the taste so don't worry about your sugar type)

4). Mix the butter/sugar combo until it becomes like a soft paste. I personally think this is the yummiest part of the mix and ALWAYS have to stop myself eating it all!

5). Next, measure out 4oz. of SELF RAISING flour. If you don't have self raising flour however, you can add baking powder to normal flour and there should be instructions on the back of the packet as to how much etc. :)

6). Crack one egg into your butter/sugar mix and add a part of the flour. Mix/ fold until the egg and the flour are totally mixed in and not visible.

7). Crack another egg into the cake mix and add another part of the flour. Repeat the mixing/folding process.

8). Add the final part of the flour and again, mix until the flour is no longer visible and the mix is smooth and delicious!

9). Using your mixing spoon/ a normal dessert spoon, spoon the mixture into bun cases. Fill the cases about half full (remember they will rise while cooking)! and this mix should be enough for approx. 9 cakes. :)

10). Put the cases into the oven (the middle shelf is the best for ensuring they cook evenly) and cook for 25 mins. Check the cakes and if they are golden brown and bounce back up when you gently push oh them, then they are ready! However, if they have a slightly greasy feel, simply put them back in the oven for 2 minutes at a time until they no longer feel greasy.

And there you go, lovely mini cakes for everyone! This recipe is orignally a 'Victoria Sponge recipe' so if you want to make a cake, simply follow this recipe and inside of bun cakes, put into a greased cake tin! :)

 As I still on illness related home arrest, there isn't much exciting happening in my life that I can blog about, only a lot of strepsils and Jeremy Kyle! But please enjoy this easyy peasssyyy recipe and enjoy decorating them as you wish (I look forward to covering my next batch in edible glitter!) and, of course, enjoy eating them... that's the best bit!
Lots of love, 
G xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm Feeling Supersonic

Since my last blog i have been SO poorly! and in no fit state to do anything! :( However I finally went to the doctors today and finally have some medicine so I should hopefully start feeling better very soon and therefore well up for blogging as usual!

Today I called into my local ASDA store for supplies (milkshakes, magazines, cake etc...) and saw the most AMAZING gold/ metallic shorts on the mannequin in the George section! I asked the lovely, helpful assistant who managed to find me a pair in my size. However, and this is my favourite bit, they were in the sale and they were the last ones! I looked online though, and the shorts are still available! :-) 

I love these shorts because they are SO similar to a pair I tried on in Topshop a few weeks ago. However, the Topshop ones were £30 and these were £5 and much better fitting I felt. I'm unfortunate to have a super tiny bum so finding shorts that don't go baggy there are a struggle, however these are great!

And the shorts on! Considering I'm petite (5ft'3), these shorts are the perfect length- not too long but don't show my bum off! they are also slightly high waisted which is very flattering.

I teamed the shorts with a burn out Topshop vest (£10) in this picture.
I also found there were some really nice things in the online sale! I was eyeing up a knitted cream top with gold crosses on, a pair of zebra print shorts and some pastel pink skinnies so it is definitely well worth a look!

Yesterday I went to a cousin's wedding. I wasn't looking forward to it, though I usually love weddings purely because I am still feeling v ill and sorry for myself! However it was an excuse to dress up and get drunk so who can complain?!

I'm wore my layered lace coral dress. (£14 Hooch @ Matalan)
This dress is from the children's section at Matalan where I buy a lot of my clothes from- I'm 5'3 and a size 8/10 and fit easily into xx/xs or a age 14/15 due to the large children's sizes!

The detail on the dress- the dress is coral material with a lace over lay. It's very similar to the 'Georgia' dress Topshop made this summer. 

I wore my newest shoes- River Island £25. Again, another sale purchase I love the gold lining on these shoes and the cut out detail as I think it makes them look more expensive!

Close up of the gold effect on the shoes

In terms of my makeup, I borrowed my mums eye shadow (sorry mummy..!)

This shade is 'bikini line' by Benefit and is £12.50-£13.50 on debenhams.com. I love this eyeshadow because its not quite as full on as a pure glitter and just gives a nice, long lasting shine on the eyes. The actual eyeshadow is very long lasting too- my mum has had this one for over a year and wears it daily as well as me borrowing it all the time!

 And my finished eyes! I only used a little glitter so the effect wasn't very full on.
I'm lucky enough to have naturally long, thick black eyelashes so for the 'wow' effect I simply added a few coats of Benefit 'Badgal' mascara (£16.50 debenhams.com) which is my favourite mascara in the world- it doesn't clump and is perfect for daily use. I also added Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara (£10.99 boots.com) which is another great mascara, also very thickening and well worth the money!


Also to finish my blog, I bought the long awaited american apparel leggings this week! After much debate with myself, I went and tried them on and fell in love! I got the leggings in 'burnt olive' and can't wait to wear them!
In this picture I have teamed the leggings with a Topshop cropped peace sign (£12)

So that's me done! Hope you have all had lovely days/weeks/summer holidays! Lots of love,

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hello everyone! Today I've decided to blog about my favourite thing in the world. And no, it's not Johnny Depp (though he is a very close second). I am, of course, going to blog about the 90's!
I was born in '94 so although i'm more an early '00's 'kid' i'm so proud to have been born in the 90's! 

My inspiration came from reading an article about Gwen Stefani yesterday (hence my blog title) and her AMAZING style yesterday. I seriously respect anyone that totally does their own thing and wears whatever they want, which Gwen totally does. For example, I was mesmerised by her wedding dress (from 2002) that was DIP DYED/OMBRE... 10 years before this really became a BIG trend. wow. 

Gwen is hardly ever seen without her trademark red lipstick and stomach revealing tops (who can blame her, just LOOK at that those abs!) I also LOVE her hair in this picture, so vintage and gorgeous! I'm determined to create this look at home so i'm planning on researching how on youtube and then maybe blogging a guide if I ever achieve it, though I doubt mine will look as perfect and fabulous as Gwen's!

Another vintage themed outfit. Fishnets with a prom dress? Oh my god I just love it. Gwen's look is so copied and channelled by other people but no-one will EVER quite have the same quirky way of mixing their style up, so inspirational. 

Although I admire Gwen for her style, it's just not quite my look. My biggest 90's style inspiration, who's wardrobe I still covet is definitely Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston's character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

I've been a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for years and I wholeheartedly blame Jennifer's stylists for my shopoholic tenancies. Her look was just so cute, on trend and sophisticated! She could equally rock a cocktail dress and dungaree's, what an icon. 

Just LOOK at those dungaree's! How can she wear those and still look fabulous?!

Also, like every other female on the planet, I ADORE Jennifer's/Rachels hair and the effect it had on her style. Bobbed Rachel was more casual whereas long haired Rachel was much more glamorous. Plus those waves she had? Totally still my hair inspiration, 8 years after F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended.

(note, as you've probably gathered by my serous girl crush, i'm totally TEAM JEN.Angelina might be pretty but she's no golden, smiley and gorgeous Aniston. Also I think Jennifer was a much better influence on Brad Pitt, remember when he was blonde and beautiful and tanned? And now he's bearded and just looks... well, old. (sorry Brad :-( )

Another massive impact on my style and a big inspiration is, of course POSH SPICE (aka Victoria Beckham).
When I was spicing up my life I was definitely a Baby Spice fan. I used to love her pigtails and little cute dresses (I was a little girl, ok? they were cool!)
However, now I have grown up and grown out of love with pigtails (thank goodness) I totally admire Posh's style. It is a fashion FACT that you cannot go wrong with an LBD  (little black dress). (Or a LBD (little bronze dress) as in this picture...)

Rocking the LBD! (little black dress). I admire Posh's style because even through the slightly questionable 90's style (please see Mel B's interesting green ensemble in the last picture...) she dressed in a simple way that remains classic.

Outside of the 90's, I also LOVE(D) Victoria's wedding dress, custom made by Vera Wang, the dress is beautiful, of course. Much like Victoria's everyday style, it is classic and glamorous, an inspiration to thousands of dresses not just then, but even now years after Victoria wore hers. Although the hair and bouquet and definitely VERY 90's. I much prefer Victoria's 2012 long soft waves.

And Victoria now! Even after all these years, Victoria is still a serious style icon. Even more so, arguably, then she was in her Spice heyday, as she now has her own hugely successfully fashion line as well as amazing hair and the CUTEST most best dressed and cuddliest little girl (Harper Seven) in the world!

I decided to blog about the 90's due to respect of Gwen and her totally individual style but the news that the Spice Girls will be reuniting for a gig at the Olympic's closing ceremony, plus near constant rumours of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie only fuels my reminiscing. I wonder what Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and (most importantly) Posh spice will wear? I wonder how 8 years in Paris would influence Rachel Green's style? 
A girl can only dream and imagine I guess!
Have a good day lovelies, 
G xxx 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

LUSH times.

Hello again! Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the sunshine, anything that means summer dresses and an excuse to eat too much ice cream suits me!

I enjoyed the sun in my Topshop dress (£24)

And wore it to go out last night along with my black wedges (£19.99 Garage Shoes) and my turquoise quilted bag (£6 Topshop Sale)

and through the day, I wore my dip dyed shorts! (Home made, see first blog to find out how I made them :-) ), Cross detail tshirt (Primark £6) and gold sandals (Topshop £30) as well as my light brown/cream over sized handbag (£23 accessorize note: I bought this bag duty free at Gatwick airport so prices will vary)

'That is lush!':
For the main feature of my blog today, I thought I would talk about my love of 'lush'. The company is just amazing. They use fresh, natural ingredients to create products that don't just smell amazing, they are also AMAZING at doing their job!

My no. 1 lush product is definitely 'OCEAN SALT' a facial scrub. I was introduced to this scrub by an assistant at my local lush store after I told her my skin type and what I was looking for etc. She gave me a tester pot to try it out, and it is now my number one skin essential!  
I'm very lucky with my skin, with it mostly being calm and clear although it is prone to becoming oily occasionally.

The scrub has grains of salt in (the only downside of the scrub is getting these grains in your mouth, ew!) and a mix of vodka soaked lime and lots of other yummy, natural and hardworking ingredients. It looks like this: a greeny/white paste that smells fresh and very similar to the seaside!

I was lucky enough to be treated to the larger pot of Ocean Salt as a birthday present. (£12.95 for 250g or £6.95 for 100g)
I also use it as an exfoliator for the rest of my body, especially my arms.
I have suffered from 'Keratosis Pilaris' since I was about 10. It's a skin condition which creates small, white/reddy spots on the body, such as the top of the arms of the legs. I have suffered from it on the tops of my arms and always been very self conscious of it. :-( 
HOWEVER, I have used the scrub on my arms and saw a noticeable difference within 2 weeks. After 3 months, all of the reddness and the white heads in the spots has now gone so I CANNOT RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT ENOUGH if you also suffer! Nothing else EVER worked for me so this has been a god-send!

I also own 'Dark Angels', a daily cleanser. I bought Dark Angels before Ocean Salt to help my slightly oily skin. Dark angels is also brilliant for skin prone to break outs- I used it on my boyfriend's skin and it cleared up his spots straight away! It is also a soothing face wash to use daily- Ocean Salt can be harsh on my skin if I use it daily so I differentiate between the two.

Dark Angels- Lush. (£6.25 for 100g)

The cleanser is a thick black crumbly paste and very unusual! It's not the most asthetically pleasing of all of Lush's glittery, colouring and sparkly products, but it is one of the most hardworking!

Finally, my favourite soap- 'Rockstar' by Lush (£3.40- 100g, £8.50- 250g, £17-500g) 
 This soap smells AMAZING. It is literally my favourite smell in the world, the soap is mostly vanilla and very sweet, although not unbearable. A review on the lush website of this soap says they think it smells like 'vanilla and candy' which I totally agree with! It also differs from normal soaps as it is very moisturising instead of drying my skin out!

I have also tried a range of bath bombs, melts and bars as any dedicated Lush lover has! However I just decided to blog about my three favourites- my desert island essentials! Hope you all love Lush and their gorgeous cosmetics as much as I do! 

P.s., big hello to anyone reading from Germany, America, Russia and anywhere else.. I think it's amazing my ramblings are going global! 
Have a lovely day,
G xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday night dance I like the way you move, pretty baby

On Friday I managed a quick shopping trip with a terrible cold and £9 to my name... I was feeling optimistic! I'm not usually a primark fan but I had such a low budget I figured it was worth a visit and I was VERY pleasantly surprised! I tried about 6 things on, including a suede navy blazer that was reduced to £10! But they didn't have my size so i ended up just getting a new top: 

£6 Primark. The crosses on this top are made from brown beads which look gorgeous and make the top look a lot more expensive than it actually was! 

For my shopping trip I kept my outfit very casual and comfortable since I didn't feel 100% and was heading straight to work after!

I'm wearing my trusty wet look leggings (Topshop £18), necklace (£4 Topshop) as well as my navy low top Converse (£45 schuch) and a gold knitted top I borrowed from my mum (George @ ASDA £10)

I also teamed my outfit with my favourite oversized scarf (£6 Primark) and this is a close up of the leopard/skull print pattern. 

And, of course, no outfit is complete without a hand full of rings...! Mine are a mix of Topshop, River Island and Accessorize :-)

Today, as the weather was warm (apparently...) I dressed more summery. I wore my new top with my Topshop leggings (Topshop £12), Denim Jacket (£12 childs section @ ASDA), sandals (Topshop £28) and my favouriteeee brown fringed bag which I bought from a charity shop but has a 'next' label in it. 


Also in todays blog I figured i'd try and blog about something actually productive and helpful (ish) instead of just my outfits! 

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm literally OBSESSED with eyebrows. I think they're the defining feature of a persons face and should be cared for and perfect! I've been colouring my eyebrows in for about 2 years and think i've just about perfected them! 

First I use Benefits BROW ZINGS (£22.50 Debenhams). anyone that knows me also knows I am a BIG fan of benefit cosmetics! I genuinely believe that you get what you pay for in cosmetics so am willing to pay more for better! I basically draw around my eyebrow and create a shape with the light brown powder. I like to think I don't draw my eyebrows on, mine are just enhanced on my natural shape :-)

I then further enhance my brows with the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit (£24.50 Debenhams) I used to use the black powder in the Smokin' Eyes kit (£28.50 Debenhams) but found the shade too dark so moved to the dark brown powder (furtherest right in the kit) in BBE which delievers a gorgeous dark brown shade and is fantastic at doing its day job- making my eyes look huuuge! The thin end of the brush is also perfect for perfecting eyebrows and I swear by them!

I know these products are expensive, but they are SO worth it. I would recommend them to anyone wanting strong but natural looking eyebrows that DON'T (so far in two years) melt off in heat or rain and are VERY stubborn in water!

My finished eyebrows! Note: these were applied at 10 o clock this morning and these pictures were taken at half past 11 at night. LONG LASTING. 

I am optimistic that one day, most likely when I hopefully head off to uni and can't afford food never mind expensive cosmetics, that I'll find a cheaper alternative to my benefit eyebrow kit. However I can't help think that as the kits last forever, are great quality and make my favourite facial feature look fantastic, i'll probably always keep them as my must haves! Anyway, enough ramblings from me, hope you all have lovely weekends!
G xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flu-ey Thursdays

Hello again!
My meal yesterday was lovely, so nice to see my two best friends! We went for a carvery and all ate our body weights in roast potatoes.. perfect!
However, today I have woken up with a terrible cold :( so I am having a duvet on the sofa watching TV day and mentally spending Tuesday's pay check online!

So far my wish list consist's of:
1). American Apparel leggings! I've been considering a pair of these for a while but didn't know if £30 was just too much to spend on leggings. however, i've heard good things about them  i've decided to invest! However i'm unsure about which colour to get....

These colours (from top left) are 'Cobalt Blue', 'Dark Olive' and 'Chino'.
I think my current favourite is probably the dark Olive, as they are metallic and look so nice! 

2). Nail Polishes in 'Hidden Treasure' (£5) and 'Ice Crush'. (£6) (Topshop.com)
Since I have been growing my nails after biting them for as long as I can remember (It can be done, I promise!) now that I have started growing them, I have become obsessed with nail varnishes! So I have narrowed my wish list to these two as I love metallic, sparkly and generally bright nails!

3). L'Oreal Mythic Oil (£9) Boots. (Note, this was online, I am not sure if there's any deals etc. in store!)
 If i'm honest, my plan to buy this oil is purely because it seems to be somewhat of a 'craze' at the minute and i'm a sucker for a fad! Plus it promises to make hair 'shiny and supple' which, with frizzy out of control hair like mine, can only be a good thing! I will blog the results after I have bought and tried the oil next week :)

4). MAC Lipstick. (£14) maccosmetics.co.uk
Another thing I have decided to treat myself too, but don't tell Kate Moss... 

I treated myself to a somewhat impulse buy of  the Kate Moss/Rimmell Lipstick last october (£6 at Boots) in the BRIGHTEST red shade. However, true to an impluse buy, i've hardly worn it, preferring lighter pinks/ glosses.

My mum has had this MAC lipstick for 2 years, since her wedding when I bought it for her as a present. I much prefer the feel, texture and staying power of the MAC lipstick than the Rimmel one (you get what you pay for in cosmetics!) 

however the BRIGHT pink shade is a bit 'much' for me everyday, plus my mum does NOT like to share for beloved MAC lipstick!! So I am definitely wanting to invest in my own in a much softer, wearable shade! There are 130+ shades of MAC lipsticks though so it may take me some time to find a favourite!

So that's my wish list so far.. i'm sure I will end up buying so much more...! 
One thing I will NOT be investing in is a pair of KITTEN HEELED BOOTSI spotted on Topshop.com earier today. I personally believe that kitten heels should be left in the early 00's where they belong! Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely day feeling healthier than me and drinking nicer things than Lemsip..yuck! How I wish someone would invent a cold preventing drink that tastes like a cosmopolitan!

G xxx