Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stick To Yr Guns

What a week! 
To say I've spent most of it at work earning freshers money (not long now!) it's been amazing! Today I received an email informing me I had been chosen to be a fashion blogger for 'The Waterside Shopping Centre' in Lincoln, which I applied for on a total whim not expecting to hear anything back.. So I'm so happy about it!
So happy in fact I just HAD to blog about it although I should be creating my bio.. it's so difficult to write about myself though!

So after my good news, and my last driving lesson with my my amazing, lovely instructor who i'm so sad to be leaving, I decided to treat myself at work with this amazing peplum top that I've had my eye on for a while!

I've been admiring the peplum trend for a while now but I wasn't sure if it would work with my figure/ my look etc. Also I couldn't find a nice, inexpensive top/ dress... until I saw this one at Matalan!

Black Peplum top- £12 Matalan. 
This top also comes in a deep purple/ raspberry colour and white but I went for failproof black!

And the top on! I LOVE this top, which I paired with these panelled leggings (£10)
 The top is so flattering- I hate my stomach and worried the peplum detail would emphasise it but it doesn't at all, it more skims the stomach and draws attention away! It's also really flattering on my chest (which is so difficult to find where you're bigger like me!) 
The only faults I have with this top are that it's really big fitting! I'm usually an 8-10 and a 32DD bra size, I bought this top in a size 8 (the smallest size available) and it's slightly baggy on the stomach which I thought was so strange! It's also an unusual stretchy material unlike the usual jersey material, but it's thick so ideal for the hideous weather we're currently experiencing!

Also, because for once in my life i'm trying to be sensible and SAVE money instead of spending it on clothes (I feel ill even typing that, i'm so sorry wardrobe xox) I have, of course, seen soo many lovely, amazing clothes that I want! My current wish list is as follows:
- Jeffrey Campbell Lita's.

The most iconic, amazing shoes. I'm seriously lusting after some in distressed brown calf leather. At £120 a pair. Christmas present maybe?

-Camo Jacket.
Since i've been embracing the 90's and i'm a big fan of the whole glamgrungegoth (I made that word up, can you tell?) I feel getting a camo jacket is the next step.. however my boyfriend has promised to buy me sims if i DON'T buy a jacket so I might reconsider..

-Anything galaxy print.
Such a HUGE autumn/winter trend and such a cool print! I have some topshop black milk esque leggings from last year that I can't wait to layer up!

-A huuuuggeeee winter, comfy jumper!
I probably can't afford this, but i'm lusting over a new, cream jumper. I bought one from Primark last winter and it's becoming very well worn! :(

-A nice pair of ankle boots.
Am I asking too much?! I can't find ANY boots I like ANYWHERE! It might have to be a trip to office next payday...

-AND FINALLY. A tshirt dip hemmed dress. 
I am lusting so hard over these dresses! I saw the galaxy print one in this week's copy of 'LOOK' magazine and fell for it, hard. After tracking it down on the New Look website, I then saw this plain black version. I imagine my dreams tonight will be filled with this dress, staement heels and parkas and converse. Such a versatile dress!

New Look- £22.99.
I also think £23 is a really reasonable for a dress! I'm considering going to try it on before work tomorrow and seeing how flattering/ good material it is!

And the original, galaxy print version! £24.99
I just love the quirkiness of this dress, plus could you imagine it with a camo jacket and some cute ankle boots?! A girl can dream....

Hope everyone had as odd, yet brilliant day as me!
G xxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Fever!

Now, the title of today's blog may suggest i've had a really exciting/ fun bank holiday... this would be an incorrect assumption. :(
I recently was randomly chosen to fill in a travel summary where for a week I write down where I go and how etc. My travel diary is just going to/from work. Seriously. I'm just thinking of payday and freshers though!

After work (again!) on Friday, the start of the five day work extravaganza (don't judge me for calling it an extravaganza, it's been a long BHW) I was seriously bored and my nails were in need of some TLC!
I painted my nails blue and added some cute black polka dots :) 
However, I didn't do this the usual way so take note.... 

I first painted my nails with my favourite nail polish Celestial (Topshop £5) which is a lovely bright blue, I always get so many compliments when I wear it!


The best thing about this nail polish, and all of Topshop polishes, is that they actually look EXACTLY like they do in the bottle! Not like some (ahem Rimmell 60 second....) which are apparently 'Coral' and then are BRIGHT DARK PINK on! (i'm still emotionally scarred from that particular incident..)

Finally, to add the dots I simply dotted some liquid eyeliner on. I was just experimenting whehn I tried this and totally didn't expect it to work, but it did! Also, because I have a 'felt tip' style eyeliner it might I could be more precise. I don't know if this is some well known trick everyone else in the beauty world is in on but I was amazed! The eyeliner then fades and comes off after about two days or can be removed by quickly swiping nail polish remover across your fingers if you want to keep the colour but not the dots :)  Amazing!

 And yesterday was my daddy's birthday, we went shopping for some sunglasses for his present (and for a BEAUTIFUL fry up- thank you Frankie and Benny's!) and I was then going to work before meeting them after work for an evening spent at the pub so I kept my outfit casual! 
I wore my new faveeeee dip hemmed skirt (River Island £22) (too muggy-warm for leggings/jeans, too cold for shorts, go figure!) with my also favourite leopard print silk effect top (Topshop £20) tucked in and my trusty gold sandals! 

And a close up of my top. I LOVE this top, seriously! It was reduced a while ago in topshop from £30 to £20 and goes so well with pretty much all my wardrobe, as well as being perfect for layering up. I love it!

And on saturday me and my mummy went and bought me all my university stuff! My living room has now been taken over by pot noodles, plates and a clothes horse... however, I also got what I consider a 'uni essential'.. A new coat! I've been lusting over a parka for the past couple of years however I just haven't been able to afford one :( But Matalan has the perfect solution!

Parka- £32 Matalan.

My favourite thing about this parka is the fact it is FUR LINED. I know. Fur lined for under £35. I have seen a one similar in River Island that was £95! So this is such a bargain!

The fur detail. Is it wrong i'm actually quite excited about winter so I can get snuggled into my new coat?

Even the hood is furry!

And the coat on! The coat is the perfect length on me even though I am a shorty (% ft 3') and is a bit long on the arms as you can see in this photo, but I like that!

And zipped up. mmm, comfy.

And with the hood up! I am seriously in love with this amazingly comfy coat!

So that's all from me! I'm going to go back to eating and working (tonight's shift will be 4 out of the BHW 5, bring it on!) hope everyone has had much better weekends than me and has a lovely, if slightly rainy day!
G xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You & I Are Gonna Live Forever

Hope everyone is well! Last night I did some baking, I made a banana loaf which is essentially a cake mix with two banana's in as well, there are loads of recipes online and it's super duper easy to make and so tasty, definitely worth an attempt!

In today's blog, instead of just talking about food, I thought I'd do a 'guide to..'.
I've spent most of my day looking at autumn trends on-line on sites such as and and noticed a HUGE trend that i'm really liking is 'GOTH'
Now, this doesn't mean we should all run out and dye our hair black and start painting our faces white, get that image of the 90's 'class weirdo' from any film out of your head! It's more grown up, more fashionista. Think post Russell split Katy Perry and the Olsen twins

This is what I personally would wear to create the look:
Dip hemmed skirt (including belt)- River Island £22

Bandeau top- Primark £3
Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge £52 (such a good price for a faux leather jacket!)
Black Studded Shoes- Topshop £28
Oversized Leopard/Skull print scarf- Primark £5
Necklaces: Pendant- Primark £2
                Multi-Chain- Topshop £12.50

This would be the outfit on. I LOVE the layered effect of the jacket and the skirt, I think it's so 90's goth yet still modern!

And without the jacket! I personally wouldn't wear the bandeau top as it reveals the part of me I hate most, but it is ESSENTIAL to show flesh in this look- top/toe black is a bit too hardcore goth and you're simply following a trend remember!

And with the scarf. Again, LOVE the layers with the skirt/scarf. I seriously cannot wait for autumn to wear this combo!

I also teamed the skirt with this Topshop 'burn out' top. (£10) which is such a wardrobe essential and ideal for still showing flesh whilst covering all the torso.

I also teamed the look with these Topshop ombre earrings (£4 *sale*) which fufil the 'glam' part of the look though the earrings are unfortunately far too heavy to wear all day! :(

And the final different top option for the glamgoth look-
a black shirt is an obvious choice. The shirt I am wearing is also sheer with leather look pocket detail (Matalan £14) which suits the trend. I LOVED this combo though it didn't photograph well, it was definitely my favourite look!

So there you go! You can also work the glamgoth look with wetlook leggings (my favourites are Topshop £18 one's which come in normal length, tall and petite so are suitable for everyone! basically, work the sheer look with different fabrics, such as leather, sheer material and cotton and try and incorporate studs in there somewhere- they're still achingly cool! Don't be afraid to mix and match different fabrics but leave most of the colours muted- blacks, silvers, golds and deep purples are definitely the autumn picks!

River Island are definitely my favourite shop for nailing this look- they even have a 'soft goth' look part of their website!:

Hope you all enjoy working your inner goth chic and remember, black lipstick is optional.. i'll personally be rocking my usual bubblegum pink pout for 'contrast'!
G xxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lucy In The sky With Diamonds

Hello again! Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying the very brief summer that seems to have finally appeared!
Also, good luck to anyone getting their GCSE's this week and a HUGE congratulations/ commiserations to everyone that got their A/AS level results on Thursday! 

I did better than expected which was a wonderful surprise :-) and guaranteed my place at the University of Lincoln to do Criminology. Woo-hoo bring on Freshers! 
On Thursday my parents took me out celebrating and my wonderful dad treated me to a new bag which arrived today. I work so usually buy all my own bags/clothes etc so to be treated was wonderful! 

I went for a Marc B 'Hudson' as I have been wanting a Marc B bag for a looong time and loved the style!

And the bag it's self! It's a lovely not-too-small-not-too-big bag and the smell of new leather is just unbeatable!

The Marc B detail.

And the detail on the front of the bag :)

And the plaited effect of the handles! The bag also comes with a longer handle and  also comes in a cream colour though both brown and cream are only available online.

Also, on Saturday I visited my new home, Lincoln! I went to hand some CV's around as i'll hopefully be getting a new job when I move there and wore my leopard print playsuit (H&M £12.99) as it's light and yet can still be dressed up and isn't too revealing!

Just one of the cute photo's of Lincoln I took. This is the view from the campus i'll be staying on, i'm so lucky!

And this was today's outfit! I wore my AA (American Apparel) leggings (£30) with my Topshop white shirt (£20) and my navy low top Converse (£43- Schuch). I was only going into town to go boring bank stuff so threw this outfit on! It was ideal for the muggy weather as both the shirt and leggings are very light weight :)

I also accessorised with this blue headband (Matalan £1)
This headband is a long piece of movable material that can be knotted like in this picture :)
I don't often wear hair accessories but fancied something new!

And, of course, I had to treat myself  after my results! I ended up buying this dip hemmed black skirt (River Island £22) which I tried on with this metallic/ black boxy tshirt (River island £14) although the skirt and the tshirt don't match (I just had to grab something to try it with haha!) I wore it yesterday with my gold sandals and a boobtube top, very casual and summery!
I would definitely advise this skirt, wardrobe essential!

Today I am recovering from a hard nights drinking :( and looking for additions to my winter wardrobe- a new coat and new ankle boots! I am most likely going to get a fur lined green parka from Matalan. For £32 for a fur lined, water proof, winter essential coat I don't think you can go wrong! 

And as for the boots i'm yet to find the perfect pair :( I'm looking for a brown leather pair of ankle boots so will continue hunting until I find the perfect pair and obviously, let my bloggee's know when I do! 

Finally, i've recently started listening to the artist 'Jessie Ware'. Her song 'Wildest moments' is definitely one of my favoouriteeee songs of the year! She has such a beautiful voice, definitely worth a listen on Youtube!
Hope everyone has a lovely day,
G xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Spice Up Your Life!

Hello again! So sorry for not blogging in a while, i've had a week of enjoying quality time with my lovely boyfriend and being poorly :(
However today I am feeling much more myself and missing the Olympics already :( Is it too early to be reminiscing last night? Too early to be fan girling over the spice girls and their AMAZING outfits? I don't care. 

First of all, my idol and my inspiration, Victoria Beckham (Aka Posh Spice) hers was the outfit I was most excited about. I had read on twitter she was meeting the amazing British designer Giles Deacon but didn't know if she would wear his/her own design. She wore Giles in the end and looked PHENOMENAL!

(photo courtesy of
A dip hemmed black dress complete with manolo blahniks? On a black glittery cab? In a word, SENSATIONAL. I can imagine this dress will be copied to death on the high dress and I for one will definitely be buying one of the copies!!

(photo courtesy of

I also LOVED Mel B's (Scary Spice) detailed glittering all in one, it felt like a much more glamourous version of the one Jessie J wore earlier on. Geri's (Ginger Spice) outfit slightly disspointed me :( expecting a Union Jack dress and getting a Super women costume look a like instead was quite a shock! Emma's (Baby Spice) dress suited for and her persona totally and was very cute/glamourous at once! And Mel C's flared all in one was also v personal although it wasn't my personal taste.

All in all I have ADORED the Olympics. I even got into the spirit myself: 
These false nails were £1 (Primark) and I loved them! I bought them to celebrate Jessica Ennis' amazing win and loved them although, as to expected from £1 false nails, fell off very quickly :(

Also, yesterday to celebrate the end of the Olympics (Boo :( ) I dug out my Union Jack shorts (River Island £30). These shorts are too big for me so I just wore two tops and tucked them for added bulk! I also bought these last year although I have seen pairs the same on eBay :)

A close up of the detail on the front of the shorts.

And the detail on the back!

And for my non Olympic lovers...

I am so sorry for going on about it but it was really something amazing! This is my outfit for student night tonight! American Apparel leggings (Burnt Olive, £30), glittery platform heels (£16 Primark) and black burn out tshirt (Topshop, £10)

I hope everyone did enjoy the Olympics as much as me, if only to see the Spice Girls! And was it only me that was desperate for Noel Gallagher to jump on stage to join his brother Liam in his rendition of 'Wonderwall?' It just wasn't the same without my favourite Gallagher! As much as I enjoyed the aesthetic side of the games though, I also admired all the competitors. There were women from EVERY country in the world, which was the first time that has happened. So inspiring and amazing. I think every country should be proud and I can't wait for Rio 2016, bring on the carnival!

Lots of Love, 
G xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Smells like Teen Spirit

Hello again! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Olympics, I am so proud of Great Britain- we are doing so well despite being such a teeny tiny country compared to some of the others such as America and China but we're holding our own! Plus the arenas and stadiums look fantastic, London 2012 has been fantastic! The success of our incredible rowing team has also inspired me to consider taking up rowing when I (hopefully) go to University! 

First of all I am going to start by discussing my amazing shopping trip yesterday- I went to Primark for a bag I had seen the week before-  

Primark, £6
I had seen a similar style bag in River Island for £18 and was actually considering buying it before I saw this beauty! The bag is black faux snakeskin with a white plastic clasp. Primark also do the bag in white. 

 Close up of the faux snakeskin material, which I think makes it look more expensive.

The only problem with this bag is the handle- as you can see in this photo it comes with a short, slightly tacky looking bronze coloured chain which feels thin. However I solved this problem by either tucking the chain inside the bag and using it as a clutch or, attaching a longer black chain (from a no longer used bag) onto the chain handles of this bag :) This means the bag has a longer and stronger chain and the strap can also be removed to make a clutch bag!

However, my best buy was without a doubt my new shoes:
Primark, £16.

These shoes are INCREDIBLE! I have been wanting some gold sparkly heels since before Christmas when I first spotted them but didn't want to spend a lot of money on what are essentially 'novelty' shoes. However as soon as I saw these gorgeous platform heels I knew I had to have them! They also come in a silver colour with red/green glitter and black sparkles. They are a soft gold colour covered in gold sparkles and although I am more used to wedges, they are so comfy! Definitely a good investment, I can't wait to wear them with my AA leggings!

Zebra/Jungle Print Playsuit. £12 'Candy Couture' (Child's section) @ Matalan.

Also yesterday, I was invited to a 'beach theme' garden party. To say I had no idea what to wear is a total understatement! I also had work before so quickly stuffed a couple of options (a grey patterned dip hemmed dress and a leopard print playsuit) in my bag and thought i'd decide later. I asked my work friends (all girls, naturally, boys just don't understand dilemma's like this!) and none of us could decide.

 However, I walked past this playsuit and just knew I had to have it! I bought an age 14 and couldn't try it on however it (luckily) fitted perfectly! I wore it with my gold sandals and my new black bag! The playsuit has an elasticated waist and a gold button down front.

Also this week, I decided to try out my Lush Pink 'Bunty' box (LUSH £13.25) that I received as a birthday present. I haven't wanted to open and use the box as it's so pretty! But decided it was the best way to cheer myself up after a long day!

The box is wrapped in this amazing (recyclable of course) paper with a cute tag saying what it is with a description of its contents inside!

And contains this little guide inside which I thought was a nice touch- it contains a description of all the gift cosmetics in all the sets so you can search and find yours as well as making a wish list for your next gift box!

And the box inside! I was so surprised when I opened my box to find the bath melts/bombs surrounded by these multicoloured polystrene pieces- it felt like opening a present when I was younger and so much fun to search through and find what I wanted!

This is one of the bath melts included:A Think Pink bath Ballistic. I have used this melt before and love how creamy and indulgent it is, and how nice smelling!

The 'Think Pink' is actually quite large so can be spilt in two for two indulgent baths!

Space Girl Ballistic: I am yet to use this bath bomb and am so excited to! I've read and heard so many positive things about it and as I am yet to experience a 'proper' Lush bath bombs (I prefer a luxurious melt personally!) so watch this space...!

Again, a side view of the bath bomb, which actually looks like a spaceship!!

And finally, the Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar (try saying that with your mouth full of sweets..) I have also used this one before and enjoyed it! It genuinely is so creamy! It makes the water feel so comforting and moisturising! 

Again, the bar is thick enough to be spilt for two baths to save the bar and a lovely crumbly texture.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the 'Mini comforter Bubble Bar' which was the one I used. However it is a pink and white swirled bar. I had never used the mini comforter and so decided to try it. First of all I was AMAZED at the colour it turned my water! It was BRIGHT pink! Like the child I am, I found this so amazing! Yet the water was somehow still clear so it didn't turn my skin pink or anything. It also, as promised, created an insane about of bubbles! I used the whole bar and as you can see in this picture, there were A LOT of bubbles! This is only half the bath and the other half was also a bubble mountain!  

So that's all from me today, I would definitely advise the LUSH bunty box- I can't wait for my next one at Christmas! (As well as any other gift boxes I decide to circle in my copy of LUSH times closer to Christmas.. hint hint...) and I would also definitely advise Primarks gorgeous sparkly shoes, I am using the excuse that I am 'wearing mine in' so I can walk around the house in them all day! 
Lots of love, 
G xxx