Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Today's blog is going to be another Beauty Review, this one of 'Go Tropicoral' by my favourite beauty brand 'Benefit'!
I was bought this kit by my mum's friend as a leaving present when I went to uni and received this as well as 'Radiant Skin Care- B-Right' which i'll review at a later date.

The Go Tropicoral Kit can be perchased from debenhams for £24.50:

According to its online description- 'Each kit includes and iconic tint, award-winning cheek colour, luscious lip gloss and sext highlighter' (I don't know what a 'sext' highlighter is either... anyone?) and my kit has 'HIGH BEAM' (highlighter) CHA CHA TINT (cheek/lip tint) and CORALISTA lip gloss/cheek colour.

The set also has a handy mirror and tips on the inisde which I thought was such a good feature! A brilliant selling point of benefit is that they give instructions with all sets/kits of how to use them which makes it so much easier to learn and then experiment!

And the colours! Unfortuantly 'Coralista' cheek colour (basically a very light pink) didn't show up in this picture!

Close up of 'Coralista' lipgloss

Close up of 'High Beam' (on the left) and 'Cha Cha Tint' (right)

So, are these products any good?
I have very mixed feelings about this kit so i'll have to break it down for you...

Coralista lipgloss:
 This lipgloss is definitely not a favourite of mine. Although I LOVE the colour- a lovely, rich coral, the lipgloss is FAR TOO THICK and sticky and gloopy... it makes my lips feel horrible so i'm less than keen to wear the gloss daily!
 I definitely wouldn't pay Benefit prices for this lipgloss- the texture is definitely not high quality! I much prefer lip stains/sticks now as well so the thick gloss was a totally abnormal feeling!

Coralista Cheek Colour:
If i'm entirely honest, I'm not actually sure what this product is?!
It's not a blusher but it's not a bronzer... it's somewhere in between which is very unusual. However, that said, I love this product!
It's a lovely, light pink colour that really makes my skin look glowing and healthy without being too 'red cheeked' like blusher makes me, or too 'tanned' as I tend to get with bronzers! This has also come into my life at the perfect moment as I left my beloved Benefit bronzer at home at the weekend so Coralista is my replacement face powder colour!

'High Beam' Highlighter:
I'm a huge fan of High Beam- I actually used to own HB a while ago and so was pleasantly surprised when I opened my kit and saw it!
HB can be used on the brow line for brighter looking eyes, lips for fuller looking lips, or (my personal favourite) on cheeks to make cheekbones look slimmer (or in my case, as though they actually exist!
High Beam is definitely something of a 'miracle product'- it claims to be able to fix all your flaws but unlike most of these products, High Beams claims are true!
Definitely worth an investment if you're a highlighter fan.

And last but not least...

'Cha Cha Tint': Lip and Cheek Tint.

This was the product I was most excited to try when I received the kit.. but did it live up to the hype?
In a word- YES. I absolutely love this product!
I much prefer the 'tint' idea to a creamy lipstick or a thick gloss- I find that glosses/lippies only really sit on top of my lip, just waiting for me to take a drink/have a conversation to get rid of them whereas stains/tints, that stain your lips, are much more long lasting!
I actually prefer tints to stains too- stains, clues in the name, are extremely long lasting... they're up there with waterproof mascara in terms of 'difficult products to remove'! which I find slightly annoying, especially if you're anything like me and change your lip colour all the time!
The tint is basically a neon pink looking liquid that you 'paint' your lips with... the colour IS NOT the colour it appears in the bottle but rather, goes on a lovely dark pink colour... at least it does on my lips- you have to remember that whereas a gloss simply applies a layer of colour OVER  your lips, a tint sinks in more and adapts.
 I've worn this colour every day since I was given the set (last Saturday) and have received compliments for it every day!
Definitely worth an investment for any lip colour lovers out there looking for a gorgeous coral/dark pink shade and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more tints, especially by my favourite brand Benefit!

So over all, I would say the kit is worth getting if you're a fan of two or more of these products.. £24.50 is definitely good value for 4 Benefit products, even if they are only travel sized versions and the packaging is so adorable! Plus I think the sets are a really non-scary way of introducing and experimenting with different products without having to buy the full sized version of the product/spend a lot of money.
I would recommend this product and I can't wait to try more of the kits!

Hope you all have lovely weeks... i've offically started my course which seems to be a year of very hard work... i'm not sure how I feel about that!
But i'm going for a celebratory (celebrating a week and a bit at uni? my first full day? any excuse!) nando's tonight which should be very enjoyable!
G xxx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Waking Up In Vegas

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is well! Sorry for not blogging in a while- my first week of uni was literally insane and I've just got back from a lovely weekend at home as my home sickness got a little bit too much! However before I went I went exploring the shops in my new home!

I hit Primark first, being the poor student that I am, and stumbled across this jumper!

Jumper- £8 Primark. 

The reason the jumper is so inexpensive (even by Primark standards!) is because I actually got it from the boys section! I love the jumper though- the jersey material is insanely comfy and the aztec pattern is so on trend!

I also bought a basic tee from 'Internationale'- the top was £5 in the sale and I bought it mostly to wear tucked into my dip hemmed skirt/ tucked into jeans. I love that although this top is a casual style, the metallic colour gives it a slight edge!


And finally, another Primark buy!

I absolutely love cute animal prints (both leopard prints and literal animals!) and I absolutely love shirts (always a  wardrobe classic and the perfect dress up/down option!)

Shirt- £12 + Vest £2- Primark.
I LOVE this shirt for its adorable pattern and its amazing on trend studded collar! Also, the price was just too good to turn down! The shirt has a koala pattern on it and I recieved so many compliments when I wore it!

Close up of the Koala! I love this print on the shirt, and the shirt itself, so much, i'm seriously hoping Primark will be doing more bargains like this throughout the winter! 

And a close up of the studs! I love the studding because it makes the otherwise quite safe and cute shirt really on trend and a bit tough! Who ever knew koala's could be so fashionable??

I wore my shirt (with vest under) for a uni visit to Lincoln Castle in the torrental rain with my Levi Shorts (eBay), parka (see previous blogs) and tights, socks and Converse. The look was perfect at keeping me snug yet fashionable on a budget!

I'll be going back to beauty reviews in my next blog (Lush Rockstar soap and B-Right Benefit face care kit!) which I will hopefully post tomorrow. However a long day of looking after my niece and travelling back to Lincoln on the country's delightful *ahem* railways has left me exhausted and ready for a shower in my new power shower (thank you Lincoln maintanance man!) and a good nights sleep ready for my first proper lecture which is tomorrow, how exciting!

I've also spent a lot of my weekend on App's for clothes stores as I left my laptop in Lincoln when I went home and HAVE to mention how amazing the Zara App is! It's definitely taking over from Topshop as my favourite clothes related app and even if you are not a Zara fan as such (like me) it's still well worth a download just to admire the ease of browsing! River Island and Miss Selfridge- take note!

Hope you all have lovely weeks that aren't too effected by the on set of Winter that seems to have appeared..! :(
G xxx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Uni Life

I finally made it! I'm writing this blog from my new room on campus at Lincoln uni! I have a gorgeous view- I'm overlooking the river and I can see the gorgeous cathedral from my window so it's really cute. My flat mates are also all lovely so as much as i'm missing home, a comfy mattress, my family, friends and having someone else to cook for me, i'm trying to stay positive and hopefully my homesickness will pass soon!

My view- especially lovely on sunny days like today!

And the desk area of my room.. to say I only moved in yesterday i'm trying to make it as homely and welcoming as possible!

And time for another beauty review!
I've been searching for a new lipstick for a while and I genuinely think lipstick is the most difficult thing to buy! I've been wanting a really soft, baby pink shade and after spending an hour in superdrug trying on endless lipsticks, none of which looked 'right', I eventually found the perfect colour in my local asda!

Now this is actually a stain with an extra balm but the colour is just gorgeous!
Rimmell- 'A thousand Kisses' in 'Endless Blossom'- £5.99

One side is a 'felt tip pen' style for the actual colour..

And the other side is a 'balm' which goes on over the colour to hold it in place/hold in moisture! I didn't think much of the balm which to me, seemed a bit of a cheap add on just to be a bit 'different'

And the colour on- this shade is perfect- exactly what I wanted! I didn't want a pink that was too bright but I already have a darker pink lipstick so just wanted a nice, everyday colour- which this one definitely is!

And to end with, I just had to share my amazing bargain with you!
Sequin dress- 'Love' @ Topshop £20.
I saw this dress when I really couldn't afford it (of course) and just had to have it! For some reason my local (Wakefield local, not uni local!) Topshop always have 'Love' dresses in their sale that aren't online and they're always amazingly priced- they're on average between £10-£20 which is brilliant for quality dresses!

Close up of the sequins! The sequins do itch a little bit but they're so worth it!

And the 'drape' back detail of the dress. As you can see, the dress is quite low cut but I just wear a bandeau top with mine to cover up my bra!

I also LOVE that this dress is made in Britain! #patriotic!

And the tag- this dress was meant to be £48 and I got it for £20... bargain! Also, this dress is a S/M which is really big fitting but looks nice with a belt!

I'm currently finding being away from home really difficult :( I'm sure i'll get better but being away from my family and friends is so hard! Hope anyone that's gone to uni is also enjoying it and settling in and if you haven't, I still hope you're having a great week, even if it is only monday!
Lots of love,
G xxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Don't Look Back Into The Sun

Cup of tea- Check.
Pack of Quavers- Check
Kings of Leon on iTunes- Check.
Hello late night/early morning blog!

I seem to have turned nocturnal at some point in my holidays and it's doing strange things to me- today's blog (and tomorrow/my next- but i'm not giving anything away!) is going to be, primarily, about BEAUTY.
Don't get me wrong, I love all things beauty, I love make up and nail polishes but i'm a clothes girl at heart so this is new for me! Be gentle...

First of all i'm going to do a review of another Benefit product that has entered my life. I am Benefit's BIGGEST fan, I love literally all their stuff (including my favourite 'Georgia' powder that was bought as a Christmas present for me, for obvious comedy reasons, became a make up bag staple then was discontinued- pleaaaseeee bring it back Benefit!) 
I was actually given 'Stay Don't Stray' by my mum who is also a benefit junkie- she's a huge eyeshadow fan and recommended this after I complained about my eyeshadow/liner/concealer always disappearing!

So, what is it?
Stay Don't Stray is basically a concealer and a base product all in one. You use the dispenser top to squeeze a little bit out, then put on your eye socket and under eye, then apply your make up as normal. The idea is that SDS then keeps this make up in place. Sounds too good to be true....

Does it work?
In a word, yes. I LOVE this product, it's definitely worth an invest if you're an eyeshadow lover! I wear a lot of concealer (due to my insomnia, which results in blogs like this one) and SDS kept one application of concealer on my face for at least 8 hours which is magic! It also kept my grey/pink eye shadow in place although I didn't get a picture of this.

So over all- I would definitely recccomend! The key with this product is to stick with it- the first time I used it I found the texture to be slightly oily and the smell a tad funny, however i've been using it daily for a week now and adore it- I can't imagine life without it! 
Stay Don't Stray is available from Debenhams- http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_123901802099_-1?breadcrumb=Home~Beauty at £17.55. That might sound steep but it's totally worth it and Benefit cosmetics are so long lasting it's a great investment!

Another 'beauty' (are nails beauty??) thing i'm into today was actually my biggest bargain...
I called into my local pound shop today for an umbrella as the lovely, unexpected, torrental rain had arrived and me, my best friend and my eyebrows were not happy. However this nail polish caught my eye and I just had to have it!
'Violet'- Chit Chat: £1 @ poundland.

And the very cool packaging!

I was a little disappointed with the actual polish- this is about 3 coats. However I wasn't expecting miracles for £1 and I have got myself a bargain new glitter top coat!

 I then used the polish as a top coat to my favourite electric blue Avon polish, aptly named 'Blue Shock' (Avon catalogue- £5)- Avon are absolutely the queens (and kings!) of nail polishes- there's so much choice and they're such good value and quality! I've had 'Blue Shock' almost 8 months and still recieve compliments everytime I wear it!

Whilst on my beauty buying spree I also got myself some new make up brushes as I desperately needed a new eyeshadow one... however I got home to find my mum had dug me out some spare Benefit ones she had- typical!

The set contains  blusher, foundation, eyeshadow and mascara brushes and they all feel super soft- great bargain!

Finally, I couldn't possibly do a blog without mentioning clothes could I?!
For my fellow fashionista's-
Dress- £15 Topshop.
I didn't buy this dress as it was a little long on my very petite body but I wish I could have- Florals are the perfect clash partner for my current 'goth' look... I could totally see this dress with summer sandals in June or with studded boots/shoes, tights and a leather jacket/parka in winter- take note ladies, pretty floral dresses are not just for summer!

On a more wintery note, I've been looking for a cream jumper since winter fashions came into the shops. I consider cream jumpers an 'essential' and my very well worn primark one from last year is definitely past its best....

New Look- £12.99
No i'm not lying. The jumper really is £12.99 HOWEVER that's because its from the childrens section! At 5'3 I fit easily into age 14-15 and I think it's a huge market with really fashionable and well priced products on offer, definitely worth a look!

The sleeves on the jumper are purposely too long (I hope) for maximum snuggle-ability. Just brilliant.

'Generation' @ New Look- not to be missed!

This as prove, this is the tag from the jumper I tried on. I'm exactly 164cm which, apparently the height of a 14 year old. Either I am as short as I feel or teenagers are getting taller...!

Hope everyone is well and has wonderful days/weeks/months! I move to uni on Sunday and will be packing on Friday (last minute.com!) so if I don't blog before- i'm so sorry for being horribly busy but i'll be back next week for sure for freshers blogs! 
And my blog posts for 'The Waterside Shopping Centre' will be available v soon so i'll be posting links to that too- such exciting times!
G xxx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

I Love College (or University)...

Today has been a weird day for me. I've seen sooo many people's status' and tweets about moving into their university accommodation and I discovered my flatmates last night, as well as beginning to make arrangements to see my friends for the last time.. a combination of these things sent me into a bit of a meltdown today though, which i'm not ashamed to admit!

I'm totally freaking out about being so independent, moving away from my family, leaving my job, my friends and the city i've lived in for 16 years as well as panicking about whether me and my flatmates will get on, if i'll enjoy/succeed on my course and if i'll manage to feed myself/ generally survive. All this, plus the excitement i've got is sending me crazy!

Today I started my organising by deciding which cookbooks I want to take me. I felt so grown up, and it was so difficult to choose for me!

'Congratulations, you're coming to Lincoln with me!'
I'm using post-it notes with 'take'written on, which i'm sticking on anything I want to take to Uni with me. Genius, I know.

My beloved, amazing and established wardrobe will definitely be the last thing i'll be sorting (as well as my 18 bags and 20 pairs of shoes...)
Me and my mummy are planning to sort what i'm taking and leaving *sob* on Friday when she has a day off. I'm dreading trying to decide what to take/leave and the idea of packing my clothes up and leave a bare wardrobe behind is so scary. This is definitely the one job i'm least looking forward too!

My idea of 'essentials'- a sparkly frame with a picture from my 18th birthday in and my favourite candles- Yankee (no more of these when i'm a poor student!)

'Keep calm and go shopping'
This was the first real 'uni' thing I was bought- my mum got me as a present from Morrisons because, in her words, 'its very G'. I can't wait until Payday, when i'll be in Lincoln and i'll be able to explore my new home's shops and live by this mantra!

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I did some baking today on my day off. I baked marshmallow buns whilst listening to the Youtube playlist of  The Rolling Stones which was the perfect way to de-stress.
Marshmallow buns are super easy- you make a bun/cake mix as normal, then spoon half the mix into the case, add a marshmallow (or two mini ones like I did) then spoon the other half into the case! 
To decorate I used ASDA's pink piping icing, which I was actually quite disappointed with- I used a full tube for these 9 buns and it really hurt my hand squeezing the icing out! And I also used the rest of the mini marshmallows as decorations :)

Close up of my personal favourite bun/mini cake... I used the specially designed nozzle for this and although it took me a while, I think it looks so pretty!

And another with mini marshmallows on as else. Great British Bake Off here I come...

I also 'made myself' on this bun. It's just mandatory to decorate a bun to look like yourself when you're decorating them isn't it?! I think I really captured my inner beauty in this one.... HAHA.

And I also made a banana/choc chip loaf. The banana loaf is fast becoming my signature bake, although I added the choc chips in today for a change and sprinkled some cinnamon on top for added flavour... mmm...

So that's it really, just a very stressed out, panicking and baking obsessed G writing another blog post. Hope everyone has had a fabulous Saturday enjoying the sunshine and hello to anyone reading my blog who lives in another country, I still think it's amazing my blog is global!
G xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

What a Life!

Hello everyone! 
Hope everyone is well and has had lovely weeks, like mine! 

My boyfriend came to stay this week- as we have a long distance relationship don't get to see each other much so any time together is very cherished. 
On Wednesday I took Samuel to York, my birthplace and favourite city in the world (I think, i'll get back to you on that when I eventually go to Paris!)

Because the weather was so nice we walked around the bar walls and then went to Cliffords Tower. Although we didn't go into the tower, we did climb to the top of the INSANELY steep steps.. as a heightaphobic, this was the first time i'd got to the top so I was very proud of myself!

Cliffords Tower.
Who needs a professional camera?! Me and my iphone got this snap! Ps, please, again, note how steep those steps are!

Also, as much as I adore York for the historical aspects, I'm a York born girl and a shopoholic. This, for me, means the tourist attractions are things i've seen and done and million times before on our frequent day trips to York to see family.
 Plus the gorgeous city centre with all those shops is just irresistible every time! 

My boyfriend wanted to go into Zara as he's a fan of their gorgeous mens clothes, however I insisted on a wander around the women's section first and fell in love.....

Boots- Zara £119

These boots are INCREDIBLE. To say i've fallen in love with them is an understatement. I wore them for about half an hour before my patient/very bemused boyfriend insisted I take them off. 
The boots are soooo intricately detailed with studs and gold detailing and beautiful patterning. However they are so out of my price range :( 
I'm definitely considering saving for them though as they've stolen my heart!

And another close up of the boots. *sigh*. I want these boots! 

I also treated myself to a new phone case whilst on my shopping trip in York. 
Gold patterned case- River Island £8
I love this case! I've always had see through/plain cases for my iphone 4 but I loved the gold pattern and the orange (see right hand picture) colour of this one! Plus the case comes with a free screen protector for a reasonable price, bargain!

On a slightly unrelated (but never the less important) note I was given some new foundation this week- my mum was given this tester at a work conference and gave it to me as she doesnt use foundation. I was dubious at first as the colour is darker than my normal shades, but after experimenting I was pleasantly surprised!

The foundation is really light but covers well and doesn't dissapear within about an hour, which is a problem I have with my lush colour suppliment, but doesn't look too thick, heavy and badly blended in like Rimmell's 25 hour foundation.
I love this foundation! 

(Note, I couldn't find this foundation online but i've seen in it store so it should be in store... it had better be anyway, I only have this one tester bottle and i'm now a huge fan!)

Finally, to round up my week of lusting over things I can't afford (being a poor student is BORING!) today I went into town before work. I couldn't find the dip hemmed tshirt dress from New York i've been admiring, so naturally I just had to look in my favourite shop (River Island) to see if they had any life saving alternatives. Which they do, as always!

(over sized tshirt dress, River Island- £30)
I didn't actually buy this dress but I love it! I loved the baggy, slightly shapeless style without a belt (for those 'fat' days!) and I loved the dress with a belt (although I had to use my bag handle in this photo, haha!) for a really relaxed/easily dressed up easy outifit, another contender for my payday dollar, especially as i'll be needing additions to my uni wardrobe!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night/day.. i'll probably be doing some baking on my day off tomorrow (such a thrilling life!) so i'll probably be blogging some easy recipes/yummy pics in the next few days!
G xxx