Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Next Guest Blogger Challenge!

"What are your staple pieces to take you from Winter to Spring and what would you wear them with?"

A White Shirt  (Next's 'Perfect' White Shirt £35)

A white shirt should be every girls wardrobe staple; they go with so much. Plus who can argue with a shirt called 'perfect'?

How to wear:
Casual or formal, layered up or on its own. Throw it under a jumper, add a statement necklace for 'I mean business' work wear and then you can even wear it on a weekend with your jeans!

A Leather Jacket  (Next's PU Faux Leather Jacket £55)
Next have vamped up the classic jacket with some amazing extra zip pockets and sleeve detail. A bit goth, a bit futuristic and totally incredible.

 How to wear: Layer up in the cold or wear it over your favourite summery dress for a rock chick look. Match it with black accessories and play glam goth or rock a multitude of different textures to be the ultimate fashionista. 

A statement clutch  (Next's Lock Clutch £16)

Why? Not an obvious choice, but perfect to add colour to any outfit. plus there's just enough room for an umbrella for those Spring showers!

How to wear:
Clash it with other neon accessories  fill it with essentials for a twist on your every day bag, match with your shoes for a sophisticated look and then team with nude heels for a night on the tiles. 

Finally, to create the perfect Winter to Spring outfit I'd team my staples with some other lovely Next clothes and accessories all available from www.next.co.uk:

 I added the following to my Winter/Spring 'staples' outfit:

Next Nude Metallic jumper (£38)

Next Silver Metallic leggings (£14)
Next statement necklace (£20)
Next Square cut point shoes (£22)

I chose this outfit by picking my staples pieces then building the outfit around them;
 I wanted the outfit to be laid back, day time chic that women all ages can wear and still feel amazing. 
I added the metallic and bright accessories and extras to keep the outfit summery (even when the weather doesn't match!) and to add different elements and textures to the look. 

I think it's vibrant, quirky and perfect for everyone, as well as showing the versatility of the staple pieces!

 This post is my entry for the Next Guest Blogger challenge so wish me luck!
G xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Body Shop Haul- Reviews

Another beauty review again from me today..
I'm trying to save money at the moment so there are no new clothes in my life to blog about unfortunately! However instead I thought I would blog about some The Body Shop goodies that I received over Christmas!
I will be reviewing the following in todays blog:

  • Honey and Oat Face Mask
  • Strawberry Body Polish
  • Cocoa Butter Body Butter
  • Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter
N.B: I will be reviewing both the White Musk perfume and the White Musk set (which includes a body lotion, body wash and a loofah!) at a later date :)

First of all, I will admit right now that I am a huge Body Shop fan and all of the things I am reviewing I have tried previously, although not necessaryily in the same flavour/scent. I am mostly doing this review post to show other people the brilliance of these products!

First up-
'Honey and Oat 3-In-1 Scrub Mask'

This mask is a definite bathroom cupboard essential. Although it isn't as powerful as my other essential face wash- Lush Cosmetic's Ocean Salt- it leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft! It's definitely the mask if your skin has been ravaged by the bad winter weather and needs some pampering!
The texture is similar to porridge (please don't let that put you off!) and it smells unbelievably nice- you will have to resist eating it due to the gorgeous honey smell!

'Strawberry Body Polish'

I've been using this polish for about 4 or 5 years. As I have very sensitive but also very dry skin, I find it difficult to find polishes that don't completely dry out or aggravate my skin but this is definitely one of the best! Like the face mask, it also smells wonderful- Body Shop products always smell exactly (or sometimes better!) like what they're meant to smell like which is definitely a good thing. The texture of the polish is also amazing- it's basically a gel with strawberry seeds in it which exfoliate your skin naturally- hence it being ideal for sensitive skin! 

'Cocoa Butter'

I count Cocoa Butter Body Butter as one of my desert island essentials- as with (basically all) Body Shop's goodies, the smell is incredible and it really works. Cocoa Butter is another product i've been using for years and although I have tried other butters/ moisturisers, I have ALWAYS come back to Cocoa Butter. It's hydrating without being too heavy on the skin, it smells wonderful and it really works! I can apply this just once a week and have soft skin all week. 
It isn't just a body butter either- I used it to cool my sun burn on holiday, I use it as a lip balm when I run out of other balms and a hand/face cream due to the lightness of the product. I could rave about this product all week- it's long lasting, eco-friendly sourced and although The Body Shop do an array of Body Butters, Cocoa Butter will definitely always be my favourite!

'Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter'

First of all, apolgises for the poor quality of the first picture! The flash clearly caught the butter at a bad angle. This lip butter was a Christmas Gift from my lovely mum in law to be (hopefully in the future!) and was a welcome addition to my Body Shop collection as this is my first lip butter as I usually use The Body Shop's Strawberry Lip Balm.
The lip balm differs from the balm as it is much softer and although a balm goes on quite sticky and pink ish in colour, the butter goes on sleek and shiny without the sticky texture and a hint of the peachy pink colour. The taste/ smell is quite sharp which I liked, although I can imagine others would not. The butter does work- it leaves my lips feeling soft although not for as long as the balms do but I would definitely reccommend it, especially to anyone who doesn't like the stickier texture of a lip balm. 

That's all for today then! Happy Thursday everyone!
G xxx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lush Christmas Candy Box Review

Hello bloggers! Quick review post from me:
'Lush Christmas Candy Box'

I was bought the CCB as a christmas present and it contains the following:
1 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel
1 'So White' Ballistic
1 'Candy Mountain' Bubble Bar
1 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub
1  'Magic Wand' reusable bubble bar.

First of all, i'll admit to have already using two of the products 'Candy Mountain' and 'Magic Wand' so I have no pictures of them! :( Although I will review them along with the goodies I haven't used!

The packaging of the Lush gift boxes is just beautiful.
I'm a long time Bunty lover, I just love unwrapping the box and then digging around in the eco-friendly packaging for my treats!
I also love how every box is different- some people have Rockstar soap in theirs (which I am so jealous of as it's my favourite soap!) and some have the 'butterball' ballistic. It really is a complete surprise as to what you'll get which I love!

'Popcorn' Lip scrub:
I was excited to try this scrub as it's the first i've tried. The scrub is like nothing i've ever had before... I mean, you can actually eat it. They encourage you to lick it off. Amazing! The scrub is soooo dense and thick it doesn't feel anything like a balm at all as I was expecting. The sensation is so odd I can only really describe it as sherbert-ish, but with bigger particles. The taste is very sweet and takes a while to adjust to but now I can't stop applying it!

'Snow Fairy'
Ahhh, the beloved Snow Fairy. 
I fell in love with this scent as soon as my nose caught a whiff of it(how romantic!) and i'm still a HUGE fan. It smells like pear drops and vanilla: very much like a sweet shop. It also lathers up beautifully- much better than my other favourite 'Rock Star soap'! The scent is very long lasting and i'm honestly considering starting a petition for snow fairy to be a year round fixture! If you haven't tried Snow Fairy yet definitely give it a go next Christmas!

'So White' Ballistic:
I'm the first to admit that i'm not a huge ballistic fan, mostly because I love bubble baths too much! (I am a child, I know..) hence the ballistic still being in tact! However I am excited to use So White especially as I read online that is releases glitter into your bath. Amazing!

The 'LUSH' motif on the ballistic:

And as with all gift boxes, the mandatory 'What's In My Gift?' booklet!
I love this booklet as it's an interesting read and a great way to find some new Lush products to try!

Over the festive period the booklet contains a 'Christmas' section as a guide to all the festive products which is a lovely way to be introduced to the goodies!

And the also very handy 'how to use' guides... soaps, bath bombs, face masks? No problem, just give this a read! I especially love the picture guides and the gorgeous bright colours!

Finally- Candy Mountain and Magic Wand:

Candy Mountain:
Candy Mountain definitely lived up to my expectations! Although it wasn't quite as bubbly as my ultimate favourite bar 'The Comforter' it provided a great amount of bubbles and smelt lovely and sweet! Definitely another gorgeous, lush bubble bar!

Magic Wand:
Ok, i'll admit it: I didn't actually know the Magic Wand was reusable. I'm sorry! :( therefore I will openly admit that I didn't use the Wand properly and to its full advantage. I just popped the bar into running water and crumbled it with my hands when it didn't melt (which was obviously to make it reusable, silly G!). Because of this I didn't rate the Wand much- I didn't get that many bubbles from it and it didn't smell as fruity and vanilla-y as I was hoping! However, don't let my stupidity put you off!

So how many good, reccommenable, 'I'd buy again' products?
Definitely 3 out of 5- Snow Fairy, Popcorn Lip Scrub and Candy Mountain.
Possibly 2 out of 5- I've yet to try the ballistic (although i'd rather have a bubble bar!) and I'd like to try another reusable bubble bar properly!

So what do you think? Did you get a Lush Gift Box for Christmas and are you loving it? I'd love to read your reviews!

G xxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Valentines Day Ideas!

So it's almost that time of year again..
If you're anything like me, you'll have spent a small fortune on Christmas presents for your beau and with January being a slow month in terms of work, you probably won't have much money.
Then Valentines day comes along, and you panic. Sound familiar?
But don't worry! This year i'm here to help!
Me and my boyfriend have decided to go to a posh restaurant for valentines day (instead of our usual nando's) and with him being a student and me being terrible with money, we haven't got a lot of cash to spend. However, the key of valentines day is to be original!
Here goes....

Be Personal: 

If you've got a bigger budget, look on websites such as notonthehighstreet.com and johnlewis.com, both these sites have some gorgeous gifts on, I especially love thing like cufflinks from these sites! However for those on a smaller budget there are cheaper gifts available including cards:
I'm soppy enough to admit that yes I do tell my boyfriend I love him to the moon. I know! It's ridiculous and cheesey but also soppy and cute! This card can be bought herehttp://www.notonthehighstreet.com/pogofandango/product/laser-cut-personalised-valentines-card and although it is quite expensive (£4.25) if you're not doing big gifts like me this year a personalised card is a nice touch!

Bake Something:

This is probably all the episodes of Great British Bake Off that I watch talking (I mean religious viewing every week plus repeats!) but if you're a baker, first time or pro, baking is a lovely, thoughtful, inexpensive and very yummy gift! Who doesn't like cake?!

I was originally going to make my boyfriend a heart shaped chocolate cake like this one:
(image from http://www.betterrecipes.com/blogs/daily-dish/2012/02/08/valentines-day-heart-shaped-cake/ )
I love the simplicity of this cake and how it's still super cute. There's no 'show stopper' element here, i'm fairly sure even my 2 year old niece could decorate this cake, but that's why it's lovely!

However after watching an episode of Comic Relief Celebrity Bake Off i've been inspired to bake a Bakewell tart after my boyfriend announced it was 'one of his favourites'. I'm hoping my Bakewell will look something like this: 

(image from http://ladifferencecatering.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/bakewell-tarts-aka-almond-tarts-with.html )
Although this may be possibly the most ambitious thing I have ever EVER said and I may just end up buying Mr Kipling and passing them off as my own my mum used to do this for primary school bake sales for me and noone was any the wiser so i'm sure it'll be ok! Wish me luck!

Take a picture:

Pictures are the easiest, cheapiest and nicest thing you can buy/ give as a gift.
This year i've bought my boyfriend two photo frames i'm going to fill with pictures from Hackney Weekend and our holiday together because he always complains he doesn't have enough pictures of us! The frames were super cheap- £2 plain silver ones from the Matalan sale and printing pictures from your phone costs as little as 10p from places from ASDA. I did the same last year  and it went down really well. I've considered scrapbooks, as a lot of people on the internet have suggested, but me and my boyfriend haven't really spent enough time together for me to able to do this although it's such a nice idea!

I couldn't find the frame's I bought on the matalan website but I did find this one for £4 which is also very cute:

Be Thoughtful:

Last year I bought Sam some hand warmers, because he works outside and constantly complains about how cold he is. He bought me some Yankee candles because I am obbsessed with them. These sort of things aren't necessarily romantic but it honestly is the thought that counts! (cringe)
This year Sam's main present will be a massage bar from my favourite store Lush because it gives me an excuse to go into Lush and is cheap and thoughtful! There's a huge range of massage bars to choose from and although i'll probably just go inside and sniff them until I find my favourite (isn't that how Lush works?!) I tried to pick a favourite online:

(image from https://www.lush.co.uk/product/427/Therapy-Massage-Bar )
Therapy is made from 100% organic ingredients including the yummy smelling cocoa and shea butter! The bars also melt as they are used which for £6.50 for apparently one use is steep but knowing Lush, it will be an amazing one and only use!

What will you be buying for your other half? Splashing the cash or keeping it simple?
I hope everyone has a lovely week and this post hasn't made any singles depressed- just think of the money you can save and spend on shoes for yourself! I'm sort of jealous...
Lots of love bloggers!
G xxx

Monday, 14 January 2013

January Wish List!

January is definitely my least favourite month. :(
I hate the cold and there isn't even Christmas to look forward to anymore!
So, after ordering a bikini in the Debenhams sale last night- whenever it snows I feel compelled to buy a new bikini. I don't know why, it's almost like i'm reminding myself summer does exist...

I decided to do a summer themed wish list to cheer myself up!
Hope you're all well!

Bikini- Matalan.
I love the aztec print on this gorgeous, summery bikini and I also love the price!
The matching pants are also only £6 and the top comes in bra sizes (up to DD) which is especially brilliant for bigger busted girls!

Playsuit- Pacha @ River Island
I'm a huge fan of the glamourous pacha range and think this gorgeous patterned playsuit might have to be my next pacha investment! The peekaboo stomach detail is also so cute!

River Island dress- Asos.com
I looove this dress! I can imagine it paired with my gold galditor sandals, a tote bag and some fierce sunglasses! Beach fashion at its best!

Midwash Denim Shirt- Internacionale
I'm sadly very behind on the denim shirt band wagon- I wear my jeans a lot and i'm not keen on the double denim trend so i've never really needed one but I can imagine it going over a lot of dresses on chilly evenings and being tucked into my array of summer shorts!

Geo studded Holdall- Topshop
This bag would be the perfect hand luggage! the 'hold' all design means it would hold all of your essentials although I wish this bag was also made in a lighter colour as i'm not a huuuge fan of the grey and I think it'd look so nice in a beige/ cream colour!

'Slash Neck' Crop top- Boohoo.com
This top also comes in blue, white and 'coral' although the basic black and white are our favourite. I'd style it similar to this picture- with high waisted denim shorts and maybe some wedged heels for a casual night time holiday look!

'Hedkandi' Nail Varnish in 'Beach Party- Boots.com
The perfect 'holiday' shade, this fluorescent orange would look amazing against tanned skin!

So there you are, one holiday themed January blues beating wish list!
Hope everyone has a lovely week!

G xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sale Do's and Don'ts!

First of all I'd just like to wish everyone a belated Happy Christmas! I hope you all had wonderful, peaceful days that were filled with happiness, laughter and lots of eating like mine!

I was lucky enough to get a new laptop for Christmas! My beloved Dell Inspsiron was FINALLY replaced!! I am currently writing this on my new HP laptop and loving it! Other wonderful presents included a 'blogging book'- a sort of notebook that has different parts for 'inspiration' and 'outfits' and 'websites' that are all empty and just waiting for me to fill them! Thoughtful presents are definitely my favorites!

Anyway, time for the real purpose of today's blog! Obviously the almighty January sales are well under way and it's easy to get caught up and end up buying tonnes of new clothes that you don't really need because they're cheap. But i'm here to put a stop to that!


DO: Buy good quality stuff.

As I like to say, why buy Primark if you have Zara at home?
I'd personally have a small wardrobe of good quality stuff than a huggee wardrobe of cheap, badly made garments. Although this clutch bag isn't cheap by sale standards at £29.99 (down from £49.99) for the money you are getting a seriously well made, embellished clutch that will see you through plenty of seasons!

Buy classics.

 I know its tempting to buy achingly cool, on trend clothes but are they really worth it?

A classic blazer will see you through job interviews, 'smart casual' events and those days when it's too cold for nothing and too warm for a coat. 
This gorgeous, staple blazer is a bargain at £20 (down from £45) and as the owner of a vintage RI blaer myself, I can definitely confirm the quality!

Stock up on basics.

It isn't just clothing stores that do sales!
The Body Shop always have a huge january sale which is just incredible. I recently got 4 natural, sensitive skin friendly deodorant's for £2.50 which is just amazing. Another bargain I spotted on the website is this gift set:
The Body Shop Coconut Set includes:
Coconut Shower Cream 250ml
Coconut Soap 100gCoconut Body Scrub 50ml

  • Coconut Body Butter 50ml
    Ultra Fine White Bath Lily
    All that for £10 (down from £15) is amazing, especially for such gorgeous goods!
    This would make an amazing gift or just a treat for yourself!


Don't buy things just because they are cheap.

Of course, we are guilty of this but try to resist! That top in the sale might be £5-down-from-£35 but ask yourself, why is it £5? Of course it is possible to get bargains but that's not the case for everything cheap.
Dress- 'Bright Pink Lashes of London Strapless Dress'
Reduced from £75 to £20, it's easy to see why.
This dress is, how can I say this politely? it's tacky.
But in the mist of a bewildering, messy sale, the color would probably stand out and then the alluring price would be seen and many a fashionista must find themselves going 'that's nice...!'
But don't girls, just don't. For everyone's sake.

Buy last season.
Another easy mistake is to see all the peplums and camo jackets in the sale and be tempted, they're fashionable, right? No they're not. They're A/W 2012 and all the new stock shops are bringing out is S/S 2013. Wearing your 'bargain' peplum top a year after they became fashionable is not the way to impress, girls. With faddy, seasonal trends its easy to spot when they're going out because they all go in sale. 

So HINT: if you see a lot of the same type of clothing, e.g, peplum tops, in the sales, don't buy one! This means the fashion worlds, and retailers and desperate to get rid of them and cast them out of the fashion world for another season!

Dress- £15 Boohoo.com (down from £35)
Last season this dress would have ticked all the boxes- metallic, lace and peplum and a hint of body illusion at the bottom. However, this season the dress simply has too many previous season things going for it for it to be wearable. That's not to say everything in the sales is last season and therefore out of touch! It's just something to be aware of and of course, if you like the style, don't worry about fashion rules and go for what you like!


Buy things for the sake of it.

Again, we've all been there! And while it's justifiable with less expensive things such as jewelry and items under £10, dresses like this one might seem a 'sale bargain' but if you spend £25 on things you don't really need, it will start to add up. 

Dress- £25 (was £55)- Topshop.

I adore this dress but try to limit yourself to what you actually need and the odd extra. It's ok to think 'well i'm saving £30!' but imagine buying 2 of these dresses. That would be £50. Doesn't sound much of a saving to me! Unless, of course, you have the money to spend in which case, go crazy with the party dresses and discount heels, I know i'd like to!

So there you go! A super simple list of Do's and Don't's. Obviously you don't have to follow my D+D's but as a seasoned sale connoisseur myself, I know what i'm talking about!

Much love,
G xxxx

Petite frustrations.

Hello again! Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful christmas! 
I received A LOT of smellies and perfumes which i'll be sure to blog about in future blogs!

However today's blog is going to be about petite clothing.
Tall/average girls (you lucky people!) look away now.
As a 5'3ft girl, I know the frustration of finding a new pair of jeans better than anyone.
My current ones are Topshop Baxter ones- 28L 26W which look similar to these 'Leigh' jeans.

However after checking out the website, Topshop no longer do Baxter jeans for petite girls. It's 'Leigh' or 'Moto' now which takes choice to 18 pairs of jeans. Compared to the 79 in the 'normal' section. *rolls eyes*

However I shouldn't complain too much- most online/high stores don't even have a petite range. River island, Boohoo.com, Missguided as well as cheaper stores such as Primark and Matalan have no petite sections so at least Topshop understand women with short legs do actually exist. (thank you Sir Phillip!).

Stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Next do have petite sections but from my experience, they seem horribly researched and poorly stocked. I am sick of searching petite sections only to find jumpers, t-shirts and coats.
 Petite girls (or at least, me) do not need these in petite sizes.
 We need dresses, jeans, leggings and tops that don't hang too loose on the shoulders.

This got me thinking, why is there such a lack of petite clothing? Even the few stores that do stock petite do not often have the sizes. 
For example, trying to find a pair of '28L' jeans in a Topshop store is nigh impossible.
I almost tore apart a store and all I found was 32L. 32L?! my 28L's are already a little too long so imagine 32! I would look like something from 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'.

Also a few weeks ago my local Topshop (which is fairly large had no petite leggings).
 The helpful store assistant was eager to tell me they had 'full stock' on normal and tall leggings though! How brilliant, excuse me why I go stretch my legs 4 inches so I can buy your leggings. 

Sorry to get so ranty about this but it's a subject close to my heart & my sense of fashion. 

I cannot buy clothes from Ebay or online stores because I know that they are not going to fit me. I seem to spend the majority of my time in changing rooms going 'it's too long!!!!!!!' which begins to get frustrating, as one can imagine.
And less expensive stores such as Primark may sell fabled £10 'brilliant' jeans but seeing as they only do them in 31 leg, I wouldn't know.

I imagine tall girls must feel my pain too- Topshop had 18 petite jeans, 79 'normal' jeans and 12 pairs of tall jeans. 12 probably sounds quite a few but compared to 79 it's a little bit of a joke.

All I am asking is that retailers take us 'abnormal' girls a bit more seriously!
 Please Mr/Mrs 'In Charge Of Topshop Petite' give us more choice/appropriate clothing!
 I'm totally willing to be your petite clothing guinea pig if you'd like!

Anyway, rant over from me! A slightly different post for me, but something I had to get off my chest.

 Does anyone else agree with me? Have you managed to find the perfect petite jeans?

G xxx