Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Stick with me on the slightly obscure title, i'm going somewhere with I promise!
I might even change your life...

I decided to blog about reinventing your wardrobe simply because I find it so damn difficult.
I know this is unpopular.
I know I am a pariah in the fashion and blogging worlds.
I would much rather buy a new top than cut a sleeve off an old one or whatever i'm supposed to do. There, I said it.
My name is Georgia and i'm a non creative blogger *hides face in shame*
But luckily, after years of frustration and jealousy, i've managed to find some solutions!

Hide Clothes:

Cleverer than it sounds, go through your wardrobe and be ruthless; if it hasn't been worn in 1-2 months, bag it up and put it in a spare room/ a space where you won't see it often. Then in a month or so, when you're feeling frustrated, dive into the bag and reinvent! 

For example, I abandoned this old topshop shirt months ago. However, last week I dug it out after deciding I wanted a checked shirt to wear with my new skater skirt
(see the skirt here: http://georgiacwood.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/wishing-february-away.html)

I did the same with this gold boxy t-shirt which I wore to death when I first bought it.
After a month or so, i'd grown bored of it. After a break i've rediscovered my love for it!

Swap clothes:

I know this is a basic tip but think outside the box!
Don't just swap with your friends but with your..

  •  Mum- she might have some gems from her teens somewhere or any new classics
  •  Gran- they always have amazing and uber cool vintage cardigans hidden away)
  •  Boyfriend- I took a shrine to a shirt I originally bought my boyfriend and ended up                  
     keeping it and wearing it myself for 6 months!
  •  Even your dad can be cool- over sized jumpers= perfect relaxed day look

My main clothes swap friend is my mums best friend:
She's probably the most fashionable person I know and a huge influence on me. She's also a fellow shopoholic and therefore passes a lot onto me, which is fantastic.

Apolgies for the sideways picture but my recent haul-  including FCUK, Primark and Next.
I always look forward to any hand me downs that can update my wardrobe.
New clothes for free, what could be better?! 

My favorite swap is definitely this jacket: a nude, faux leather from F&F @ Tesco.
This jacket definitely isn't something I would normally pick out but after been given it, I find it goes with so much and makes a difference from my usual black!

Another great gift- unwanted Ugg's.
If you have clothes, shoes and accessories you don't wear ask around, your friends might be longing for just the thing you're bored of!

Sharing is Caring: 

I give a lot of my unwanted clothes to my mum: she has a completely different style to me- much more grown up glam- so I get inspiration from her. A long tshirt I might wear riskily with tights and my chelsea boots, my mum will add skinny jeans, heeled boots and a statement necklace. Her looks then inspire me to copy her (sorry mum!) and shake my look up a bit giving me different ways to wear the same clothes!

We also give each other a lot of unwanted clothes.
We have different body shapes so clothes that don't suit my petite frame might be ideal for her hourglass shape- such as this River Island dress black and gold body illusion dress which I originally bought for myself, disliked and then passed along to my mum.

Sorry for such a 'word-y' post (thank you if you stuck with it!)
Hopefully i've given you some tips and showed you there's ways to reinvent that don't necessarily need scissors, or PVA glue!
For us unconventionally creative people (i'm definitely more a fashion journalist than a designer!) there are ways to get in on the reinventing hype!
Have you any other tips? And are there any super simple fashion DIY tips for even the most clumsy and un arty among us we should know about? I'd love to hear them!
Let me know!

Lots of love,
G xxx

Wishing February Away..

Hello world!
I hope everyone is well.. I'm so sorry for not blogging in what feels like weeks, I've been very busy and very lazy!
Today's blog is going to be a 'haul' post, my favorites  I've been spending like crazy recently (oops...) and the post may also include a very special valentines day prezzie..!


A few weeks ago I called into my local H&M. I've recently become seriously obsessed with H&M, although I despair of the layout every time I go in (it makes no sense!) their on trend, well made but not expensive clothing are fast making H&M my favorite store. 

Sheer cream shirt- H&M

Skater skirt- H&M

The skater skirt has fast become a wardrobe staple- I wear it with boots, blouses, tshirts, jumpers.. the list is endless! I also love the shirt at a bargain £5!


Glitter patterned skater dress- Topshop
£15 (really!!)

(Oversized fleck top- Topshop)

I've recently become a lot more savvy in Topshop: I saw a cropped, lace tshirt recently that was £38 (!) so I search the sales in the hope of a bargain!
I bought the glitter dress (reduced from £46) a couple of weeks ago and wore it Valentines day.. although i'm sure my boyfriend couldn't care less what I wore, it was complimented by his flat mate which was good enough! It's a lovely, thick material that hangs really nicely!
The tshirt was bought on saturday in birmingham- I bought it to wear with leggings mostly (especially my hard to dress olive AA ones) and although it is really long, covering my bum, it's easy to tuck in making it very versatile.


Playsuit- Matalan

One of my more optimistic buys, this playsuit is basically my 'summer does exsist' reminder to myself! It's tiedye (on trend), strapless (no strap tanlines!) and has a drawstring waist (flattering even if you've taken advantage of the buffett breakfast too much!) plus it's super lightweight. I'm hoping matalan will do more beach cover up's like this as I love them!

And finally...

As you may have seen in my post 'What a Life' (http://georgiacwood.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/what-life.html) from last september, I fell in horrible, hard, irresistable unrequited love with a pair of studded Zara ankle boots. Way out of my price range (part time sales assistants cannot afford £110 boots, even when they're reduced to £70 in the sales!) I resigned myself to a Zara boot less life... sigh....
Until valentines day!
Although this wasn't part of my 'haul', my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a pair! 
I will readily admit that I cried (really) and then put them on and refused to take them off (really) but what else is a girl to do?! I couldn't reccomend Zara boots enough and i'm obbsessed with mine!

Studded Ankles Boots- Zara (via Ebay)
(price unknown)

So there's my haul for February! I'd love to see any of your recent purchases, especially any early summer buyers like myself!
Lots of love, 
G xxx