Wednesday, 27 March 2013

25 facts about me...

Hi world!
I thought I'd join in on the recent '25 facts about me' blog trend that's happening at the minute for a quick but (hopefully) interesting read for any of you that are as nosy as me!

1). I can't wear red lipstick.
I don't know what it is but I just don't suit it! I have a baby face and it makes me look like a child playing dress up with their mummy's make-up whenever I try it. Sigh..

2). I have incredibly sensitive skin.
I can only use face/body washes with natural ingredients (hence why The Body Shop is my favourite shop!) and I can't use any shaving gels. I have to use conditioner/body washes instead.

3). I'm in a long term, long distance relationship.
Sam and I have been together almost 3 years (un/officially) and I wouldn't change him for the world. It's hard but it means time together is extremely special!

4). I'm terrified of clowns.
I was scared by one at a circus as a child and never really recovered. Horrible things!

5). I've never broken a bone.
BUT I have severely injured a tendon in my finger that almost left me paralysed in my entire arm. I had to wear a cast for a week for a 'half fractured finger'... Embarrassing ...

6). I believe in star signs.
I'm a typical free spirited, slightly ditzy and very mood swing partial Gemini.

7). I'd love to be a stylist.
But only in a department store. I think being a personal/ film stylist would be a nightmare and far too restrictive. My dream job would be a Personal Shopper at Selfridges&CO. A girl can dream!

8). I can lick my elbow.
A combination of disjointed arms (a family trait) and a very flexible tongue means I'm in the elbow licking 1 percent. Lucky me!

9). I have double jointed hands.
I can bend my fingers back 180 degrees and I can bend my thumb back to touch my wrist. I have a lot of weird party tricks.

10). My favourite colour is yellow.
It's the colour of sunshine and, for me, happiness. It cheers me up.

11). I'm a 'bag' girl.
For some girls it's shoes (E.G my mum), for some it's jewelry (E.G Elizabeth Taylor) but for me it's handbags. My ultimate bag lust is a Mulberry Bayswater in Natural Oak. I keep hinting to my parents/boyfriend but no luck so far...

12). Eyebrows matter.
I'm obsessed with eyebrows. They're the first thing I notice on people and I love plucking, shaping and colouring in other people's!

13). I love running.
Preferably on a treadmill. I get some weird enjoyment from setting the gradient up high and sprinting away while watching the TV at the gym!

14). I'm a total home bird.
It's a long running family joke that I'm actually an old woman trapped in a young girls body. I love being at home in my jammies watching the soaps with a cuppa and preferably a sunday dinner!

15). I'm obsessed with pugs.
I'm definitely more a 'dog' person! I love how affectionate they are and if you follow me on instagram or twitter (@georgia_cwood on both) you'll see how chilled and easy to dress up there are! Although I love my current pet staffy, I think pugs are mega cute!

16). I really like the Powerpuff Girls...
I used to be obsessed with them as a child. Like really obsessed. I had all the merchandise, watched EVERY episode (twice) and I even want to name my future pugs after them...

17). White wine please!
My drink of choice is either a white wine (spritzer if i'm feeling lightweight) or a cheeky jagerbomb. Depending on how classy I'm pretending to be..

18). Brown Sugar..
I really like The Rolling Stones. Which probably isn't normal for an 18 year old girl, but I can't help it. I'd love to see them at Glastonbury this year and dance with Mick Jagger (in my dreams maybe!)

19). Minnie Mouse and Bubbles the Powerpuff Girls..
Are my favourite cartoon characters. Some girls my age are really into Hello Kitty but i'm definitely more a Minnie girl! I love her red spotty clothes and I adore Bubbles cute but tough act!

20). I'm a girly girl.
I wear a lot of dresses, a lot of rings and I love pink. My poor Daddy is surrounded by women (he has a wife, three daughters, a granddaughter and even a female dog) and was ecstatic when I went through my 'tomboy' stage.. until I definitely outgrew it! I'm now notoriously girly! Poor Daddy!

21). I don't watch films.
Unless I go to the cinema to see them, I get bored and restless. I only ever really watch thrillers or horrors that can keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat. I have no idea how people sit through boring Rom-Coms!!

22).... Except Love Actually.
Which is probably up there in my top films. I love all the intertwining stories, the romance, the christmassy feel and that it's the only film where Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) and Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) would ever be together!

23). I'm a really fussy eater.
I always feel sorry for people that cook for me. I don't like rice, chips, pasta, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, bacon, steak, lamb, pork, white chocolate, etc, etc, ETC.

24). My favourite make up brand is Benefit.
Even if just for their 'Big Beautiful Eyes' kit (which I use to draw my eyebrows on with!) which I could not live without. I love their quirky packaging, their non clumpy mascara and especially those amazing 'how to' guides that come with the kits! 

25). It took me two weeks to write this post.
How boring am I?! I literally couldn't think of anything, how embarrassing  I hope it hasn't been as difficult to read! 

March Wish List..

Hi world!
I know there's only a couple of days left in March but i've seen so many gorgeous clothes recently I couldn't wait for April! I've been quiet recently as i've spent a couple of days with my boyfriend, a lot of time trying to persuade someone/anyone to buy me a huge Maltesers Easter Egg (this Malteser Bunny Egg would also be appreciated..) and spending a lot of time at the gym on the treadmill which feels strange and very un-G!

With all the snow that's around at the minute and the fact I am absolutely 100% not a 'cold' person, I keep finding myself drawn to summer clothes... I can't help myself! There's just something about bikinis and play suits that makes me happy...

I just couldn't do a wishlist without including something from the Rihanna range that was released this month. However, as the range is full of backless pieces and spaghetti straps that are absolutely not suitable for us more ample chested girls and seriously over priced (of course!) i'll stick with this simple maxi skirt!

I love the quirkiness of this bikini! Plus i'm hoping with my recent healthy eating and gym obsession i'll be looking similarly tasty on the beach in it! I do think this bikini is slightly steep in price, but hopefully Topshop will have some 20% deals coming as there hasn't been any for a while!

Topshop- £25

Again, I love the quirkiness of this garment. I think Topshop are brilliant at making slightly cheeky, amazingly cute summer clothes that I end up lusting after! This play suit also has a 'peekaboo' effect at the stomach that may create some problematic tan lines but if you follow the link, i'm hoping to look as good as the model does! Who knew pineapples were so fashionable?

I work at Matalan so i'm lucky/unlucky (depending on how much my bank balance has been abused) enough to see all the new stock and incredible bargains we do. I'm hoping this dress will be short enough for me so I can have it as my airport dress and wear it with tights and studded Zara boots while we're stuck in winter!

These shorts are such a brilliant replica of the ones Topshop did last year which I think were £30-£35. However, i'll let you into a secret- if you're anywhere between a UK 4-12 you'll fit into the kids clothes. I'm 5'3ft and between a 8-10 and I fit comfortably in an age 14. This means on trend, gorgeous clothes at bargain prices! H&M and Internationale also do fantastic kids ranges. 

I actually tried this top on a few weeks ago and loved it. It's nice fitting, reasonably priced and doesn't feel cheap; the material is actually lovely. I can imagine this top paired with a straw hat, vintage levi's and beachy, wavy hair... perfect for festivals and/or holidays!

That's all from me!
There's so much more I want- new foundations (i'm feeling inclined to try Nicola Robert's 'Dainty Doll' range next, any reviews?), Kelly Brook's amazing range for New Look and i'm recently discovering Next and ASOS (especially their petite sections) which i've found to be plentiful and gorgeous!
That's all from me world, hope you all have fabulous weeks!
G xxx 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

All In White: My Favourite SS13 Trend

A firm favorite every season, top to toe white got its injection of SS13 cool in the form of textures:
The catwalk was filled with an abundance of textures, either clashing together for an achingly cool 'I just threw this on' look or working alone for the ultimate statement piece.

There was laser cutting, the mandatory leather, lace and even some mesh effect.
Paired with bold, or a calmer nude, accessories depending on how you're feeling, white became more wearable, more everyday friendly, although you might have to stay away from the red wine...

Here's my pick of my favourite SS13 catwalk looks, all from Vogue.

Although the solider hat is best kept on the catwalk, the simple white collared shift dress paired with an elegant, monochrome blazer is the perfect way to introduce white into your work wardrobe.

The black detail breaks up the white for a more wearable look and the silver statement shoes and striped bag are the perfect understated accessories to let your uber cool dress do the talking. 

This outfit just shows the versatility of white: Moschino have kept their signature quirky look alive with their accessories showing how easy white can be to express yourself.

This look is, quite simply, summer.
The lightweight but detailed dress, the on show legs and even the sandals.

The mesh detail on the sleeves makes the dress wearable yet still incredibly futuristic.
The 3D flower effect is again, futuristic while still remaining classic and the simple shoes leave the outfit to do the talking.

The mix of textures in this outfit  from the mesh on the dress, to the leather on the sandals and even the cotton head wear is exactly how to how to make all white interesting and playful.

Rumor has it, this is the must have jacket for spring/summer and it's easy to see why.

A perfect example of how on trend laser cutting detail is, the jacket is both simple enough for everyday wear with its bomber style, while still being intricately detailed enough to make a statement.

Paired on the catwalk with a matching skirt, the jacket would work equally well with a simple white dress, a neutral pallete or, like in this picture (and like at Moschino, can you see a trend?) monochrome.  

Valentino. The home of romantic fashion- even their name is beautiful.
This is probably my favourite look- it's so beautiful, precise, elegant yet still so simple.
A total mix of adjectives, looks and trends, this outfit is everything a catwalk look should be.

Like Loewe, Valentino have also gone for a laser cut jacket and a matching bottom half. However, Valentino have kept the look more simple with the A line jacket (a true fashion classic) and the scalloped hemmed shorts playing peekaboo underneath.

Teamed with nude accessories, this is the Spring look to my Moncler Gamme Rouge Summer:
the jacket is perfect for keeping dry in spring showers while the shorts and nude sandals keep the outfit fresh and beautiful, the epitome of Valentino. 

As you may have noticed with the other looks, white is a trend that lends its self easily to other trends. It welcomes trend clashing and is beautifully versatile.

This Pucci is another trend mix: a world away from the bright Pucci brights we're used to, it's white with Edwardian fashion (we have Downton Abbey to thank for this trend!) and the statement shoes with the gorgeous crisp white silk that keeps it modern. 

Edwardian will be a difficult trend: there's a thin line between looking gorgeous and vintage and on trend and then looking as though you're in fancy dress but this Pucci dress is definitely the gorgeous vintage side. Simple, elegant and the perfect outfit for an amazing pair of shoes, what more could a girl want?

All images are from the amazing 'Trends' section on the beautiful Vogue website showcasing all of the must have SS13 looks that you can find here.
Happy Spring Summer world!
G xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No. 7 Foundation Match Review...

Hello world!
I hope you are all well and surviving the disgusting weather!A few weeks ago I set off on a challenge: I went 'new foundation' shopping!
This is a task I hate with a passion as I have incredibly sensitive and pale skin which means I either end up having an allergic reaction to the product or I end up with a slightly unnatural 'wotsit' glow.. How attractive..

I set off, considering firm (and expensive) favourites such as MAC, Clinque, Chanel etc.
However, one that really interested me the was No7  'Foundation Match' service. This is where a scanner is used to 'read' your skin to discover what shade it is.

I was beyond dubious about this. All I could think was 'yeah right' but, feeling curious, I called into my local Boots to have a go.

'Stay Perfect'
     Boots, £14

I found the process slightly odd: I had to simply walk up to the No.7 counter and ask the lovely lady if she could 'scan my face' as there were no advertisements etc which I wasn't expecting. However, eventually I was matched, grudgingly, to 'Calico' which is the lightest shade. I'm a pale girl in denial so I was horrified by how pale 'pale' actually is!


Apologies for the terrible quality of this photo!

Again, I was shocked at the 'match'.. look how pale it is on! I can't be that pale can I?!....

...Actually, yes I can. The foundation blends gorgeously. Just look how non orange my hand is!

I went for the 'Stay Perfect' Foundation.
What I love about this idea is that No7 have loads of different foundations and powders in the different colours. This means that although 'Stay Perfect' might not be for me in terms of coverage as I find it slightly caked on, there are plenty of other foundations in the same colour I can choose from! For the first time in my life I have no orange glow, no tidemarks and no constant fear of putting bronzer on without looking like a clown.

I cannot reccomend the service enough, esepecially if you have pale or darker skin and struggle to match your skin colour to the usual shades on the market!
Have you tried No7's foundation match? What did you think?

Lots of love,
G xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

Leeds, Capital and Tkmaxx...

Today, feeling extremely sleepy and nervous I left my house at 6.30.

Why did I leave my house at such an obscene time? 
To sit in on Hirsty's Daily Dose of course!

I've been a little bit secretive and not told anyone that a couple of weeks ago I was chosen to become one of Capital Yorkshire's bloggers. It's such an amazing opportunity and i'm so happy I was chosen! Expect lots of Capital based blogs from me in future!

I arrived at Capital at 8am, left at 11 and had the best time!
I sat in with the breakfast show along with two other absolutely lovely bloggers: Em from EMTALKS.CO.UK and Sarah from who are both unfairly talented, go check them out!
We laughed a lot, drink some fantastic tea (thank you JoJo!) and even being made to talk about myself for an agonising 30 seconds (you can find the podcast here if you'd like to hear me make an idiot of myself) didn't spoil the brilliant morning!

I'm looking forward to attending events and blogging for Capital in the future so look out for more posts!

The coolest toilets in the world; a collage wall and a branded door!

After i'd finished at Capital, I headed into Leeds City Centre to indulge in some retail therapy. Unfortuantly, I had to head home to meet my mummy for lunch so I only had time for some sight seeing...

(a splash of colour on the gloomy streets)

(Leeds Town Hall looking majestic)

(Leeds' lions)

I also called into TKMAXX which although a bit jumble sale esque, is undeniably a mecca for bag/purse lovers (like me!)

(the world's best jumble sale?)

(a reptile-y print Osprey purse, i'm in love)

That's all from me! Enjoy your weekends everyone!
Lots of love,
G xxx

(PS, you can also find me on Twitter: @georgia_cwood!)