Monday, 22 April 2013

Meadowhall Student Lock-In!

Last Thursday I was invited along to the Meadowhall Student Lock-In by Capital FM: I love going to the Meadowhall lock-in's because there's always sooo much going on- quirky stalls, endless freebies and even a few dance offs all around the centre.

If you've never been to a Meadowhall Lock-In I couldn't recommend them more. The whole centre really throws themselves into hosting the event and even if you're not a student you can still enjoy the atmosphere, some discounts and, of course, Capital FM's presence! 

This year Capital FM had an amazing little stage and stand area in front of the Oasis food court. Urban Decay were there giving free makeovers (very tempting!), there was a photo area with a photographer with a proper camera and everything and Hirsty was manning the stage area where later on in the evening there was a game show. 
I will admit that by the time the game show had started the area was packed (see pictures!) and quite noisy so I couldn't really hear or get close enough to see what was going on. I hung back and stayed on the stairs so I could take some pictures without standing on my tip toes (small girl problems) and enjoyed the atmosphere instead! 

The Urban Decay team at the Capital area.
The lovely Urban Decay ladies were giving out free makeovers and advising on colours, trends and application of all beauty products. They were so helpful and lovely!

The Capital stage. Look, there's even a red carpet!

Shops had from 10-40% off and stuck these leaflets in their windows to show they were part of the night. They also usually have something unique to entice customers....

...Like these gorgeous girls outside Boux Avenue! They were giving out free drinks and kindly posed for a photo. They looked absolutely stunning and were so lovely. Most shops have people walking around advertising their brand so these girls all dressed up and giving out free drinks were definitely a refreshing change of scenery!

The capital area before the real fun started. If you look really closely you can even see Hirsty. There were some *ahem* technical issues when I arrived so I left him to solve these and took pictures from the stairs in front of the Capital FM area instead! 

And once everything had started! 

At one point the Capital FM street stars and Pudsey were having a dance off while the Hirsty-hosted game show was in full swing. There were people everywhere and there's so much going on I just had to stand back and admire. These picture basically sum up the Lock-In's for me. There's so much energy, fun and of course, Capital FM all night it's worth going just to wander round and enjoy yourself! These nights are a complete eclectic mix but you always know where ever there's the Capital FM team, there's bound to be fun!

Have you ever been to a Lock-In? Do you love them as much as I do?

G xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Shopping Haul!

 Hi world!
So you may have seen my H&M haul post and as if I didn't buy enough in H&M, I also had some luck in the River Island sale and in Primark! I decided to put the H&M clothes and these ones separately just to keep the posts fairly short and less heavy!

First of all I found myself rummaging in the River Island sale. I wasn't expecting much as it's basically just the last of the stock but I was pleasantly surprised...

Black Pinafore Dress- River Island £12.
I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it despite it being completely impractical and slightly ridiculous. I mean, a pinafore?! When am I going to wear a pinafore?! However despite all my reservations, as soon as I tried it on I wanted it. Ah, unrequited love.. This pinafore was £12 reduced from £25 and I couldn't resist. The fact I had to buy it in a size 6 because the 8 was too big was also a deciding factor and I left feeling smug with my ridiculous, clearly wrongly labelled (these hips are no size 6!) pinafore. Who knew a school dress could cause so much happiness?

'Hamsa' Print Midi Dress- River Island £10
This dress had actually been in my 'favourites' for quite a while on the RI website but I was unsure- it's a funny length and fit- sort of a baggy midi dress, very similar to this dress. I'm short with short legs so I wasn't sure how it would look on me but I was surprised when I tried it on. The fit is actually really, really flattering. The front comes to knee and the back slightly longer and i've been wearing it with knee high socks and ankle boots, using a belt to bring it up and wear with tights and i've decided it's going to be my airport dress- with my gold sandals and maybe a light kimono it'll be the perfect cold-to-warm (and back!) outfit and if I do end up going to Glastonbury (please festival gods!) I can see myself wearing this with my wellies! Very versatile and very comfy, perfect!

Beach Cover Up- Primark £8
As much as I love Primark (especially their sleepwear. I wear a lot of Primark pajama's) as a bit of a clothes quality snob, I really struggle to touch a lot of their clothes without cringing at the cheap fabric. Primark have brought out their summer clothes range and as much as I love the look of the £4 playsuits as soon as I touch them, I cringe away and resign myself to a decidedly more expensive summer wardrobe. But not this time!
I saw this lace cover up and immediately thought 'that is so Ibiza'. This summer i'm going for a slightly boho chic look- there will be lots of fringing and aztec and as this cover up is aztec print with fringing, it ticks all the boxes. Plus, best of all for me, it feels lovely. Really nice and lightly and cottony. I'm hoping Primark do more cover ups like this so I can be one happy beach bunny!

So that's the last of my clothes hauls! At least for this month anyway... have you found any bargains recently? Any inspiration for how I can wear my pinafore without looking like a school girl? I'd love to see and hear about them all!

G xxx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

H&M Haul

Another day, another H&M haul...
As any long time whatgeorgiadidnext readers will know, I love H&M. I love that they're so cheap (especially compared to some- i'm looking at you Topshop!) yet you get such good quality and choice for the money. Because of this, on payday I decided to take myself and my seriously dilapidated wardrobe to H&M for a top up!

White Lace top- £14.99.
I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it: the lace, the detail, even the fit are perfect. I've been wearing it with my slightly high waisted jeans as it's quite cropped and also with my pinafore dress I bought from River Island and will have to include in another haul post as I bought too much to put in one. Oops...
I can't wait to wear this top with my endless pairs of shorts in the summer, it's so light and although it is see through, a white vest top underneath keeps me covered!

Tiger Print Vest- £9.99
Another see through top! I must have been feeling slightly risque when I went shopping!
I bought this vest to wear, again, with jeans and leggings and skirts. It's super simple and lovely, perfect to wear casually or rock up with my leather jacket and my AA leggings. I'm wanting to buy some black disco pants/ wet look leggings and I can totally see myself wearing this vest with them. Although I slightly begrudge spending £10 on a see through top, I couldn't resist!

Dresses- £7.99 each.
No, that isn't a typo, these dresses really are £7.99 and I am obbsessed.
I've had the black one for quite a while and wear it all the time- dressed up with heels, casually with ankle boots, it's definitely a wardrobe staple. When I went into H&M recently, and saw they did my beloved LBD in a rainbow of colours I couldn't resist! The royal blue is perfect for paler skin tones and I received so many compliments when I wore it and the bright pink was an impulse buy, but will be amazing for summer.
The fit of these dresses is gorgeous- although they're a slightly weird Lycra material and need a belt to make them fit so well, they're unbeatable for the price.

I hope you enjoyed my haul!
I did also buy a lot of other clothes (oops!) which i'll put into a seperate post because I didn't want this one to be too heavy and long but there are some really gorgeous clothes out there at the minute, especially the summer ones!

G xxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kate Moss- Lipstick Boss?

First of all, can we all just appreciate my rhyming in the blog title? Thank you!
Today's post is going to be about another new lipstick. Bringing my collection to a grand total of 15 (eek!). I bought this Kate Moss lipstick as part of the Three For Two deal in Boots recently- it was my free product after i'd got my foundation (a top up of No. 7's Foundations Match- you can find a review here) and Max Factors '2000 Calorie' mascara which I will review at a later date.

I gravitated towards the Kate Moss Lipsticks for two reasons: 
1). that 107 shade 2). I already have a Kate Moss lipstick which I love although rarely wear- see here. I straight away swatched 107, eager to love it.... and I didn't. On me (being the palest person in the world) the purple tone was too strong and I found the colour too overwhelming. I've seen it look so gorgeous and wine like in colour on so many people but unfortunately this wasn't the case for me. Disappointed, I moved on and found the perfect lipstick for me!


'101'- Kate Moss



I love this lipstick. Kate has definitely not dissapointed. I love the baby pink shade and I love the matte finish as it gives a much brighter colour, which tends to be hard to find with pink lipsticks without being too drying on the lips. My only bug bare with this lipstick is that it isn't as long lasting as i'd hoped, especially since it's such a strong colour. My lipstick test is being at work: if a lipstick lasts a four hour shift, full of talking
 and biting my lip (my worst habit!) and usually a bottle of water afterwards, then i'm guaranteed to love it. 101 didn't last that long. It barely scraped one hour which surprised me because the previous, more glossy lipsticks (or at least my shade 01) lasted ages once applied. I love it regardless because of the gorgeous colour: summery, bright and beautifully girly, this has fast become my go to shade although I always keep it close by for top ups. 

Have you tried any of the new Kate Moss shades? Did 107 look gorgeous on you? I'd love to see any pictures and posts!

G xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Aussie Hair Care- Mum Approved!

So i've found my perfect hair care routine. I want to share it with the world.
But is it any good? I got my mum involved to find out...
I've tried most of Aussie's range and have narrowed it down to these three beauties.
I used my mummy as my experimenter to help write this post; I got her to use the products and then she told me what she thought. We have different hair types so I was interested to see the results.
How scientific of me, doing experiments with conclusions and stuff in my spare time... Now, where's my test tube?  

'3 Minute Miracle Shine'

'Miracle Moist Conditioner'

'Miracle Moist Shampoo.'

These products are perfect me, with my masses of thick, frizzy ringlets but, as my experiment discovered, are also ideal for you lucky ladies that are like my mummy: smooth, straight haired blondies with flowing locks that would make Cinderella jealous...

I've tried at least every shampoo from every range, and i've found that although the products do what they say: the Frizz Miracle did reduce my frizz dramatically, I found that if you choose a range with a specific purpose- e.g. Frizz/ Colour Mate, then you get the effect in heaps but you lose out on a lot of moisture and softness. 

Because of this, I've chosen to stick with 'Miracle Moist' because I suffer with dry hair and i've found MM also fights frizz and keeps my hair shiny. Teamed with 3MMS, my hair is left transformed: shiny, happy, sleek and most importantly for me, moisturized! However this routine is totally personal to me: my mum found using both Miracle Moist products was slightly too heavy on her unfrizzy hair and wants to try Colour Mate next for her bleached hair.

These products are definitely approved by us, the Collingwood- Lloyd's and my mummy is a converted Aussie lover- she can't wait to do her own experimenting! 

Happy Saturday, world!

G xxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Instagram Edit.

Hi everyone!
Quick post from me: my instagram week.
 If you give me a cheeky follow on instagram (georgia_cwood) you'll see photo's like these and much more. I love instagram, I love being able to share photos, connect with other people and generally be nosy! Enjoy...

1. Bank Holiday Saturday's look 2. Malteser chocolate!! Happy Easter to meee...
3. I met Sabrina the teenage witch! Sort of.. 4. My new pinafore dress.. too indie?
5. Benefit make upessentials: eyebrows and lipstick! 6. Yesterdays make up.

Most of these pictures will be working their way into their own blog posts throughout the week but this is just a sneaky peek into what has been a crazy weekend for me. Lots of shopping, partying and make up wearing! 
Are any of you on instagram? Do you love it? 
Hope you're all well and had a fab bank holiday!
G xxx