Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MUA Lipstick Review- Shade 7

Another lipstick review I hear you say? Of course! This one is kind of special though as it's my first ever MUA lipstick! I recently called into Superdrug for some bits and pieces and when I saw they had a few MUA lipsticks I had to introduce myself to them! For £1 I just couldn't resist and here's my review...

Shade seven is a medium pink. It's quite a standard 'pink' lipstick as in it doesn't have any coral/red undertones and isn't paticularily bright. It's one of those lipsticks that looks exactly the same on the lips as it does in the tube and the perfect every day lipstick and those days when you don't want your lipstick to scream 'look at me'. The coverage of this lipstick isn't fantastic (I had to reapply after about an hour) but I wasn't really expecting much for £1. I also had a bit of an issue with the weird lip balm(?) that comes attached... it didn't really contribute much to the colour and I felt it was a little tacky and unnecessary. Other than the add on, I was impressed with the packaging: I prefer simple lipsticks and the plain black and clear plastic details. Really simple and lovely.
 Overall i've been impressed with this lipstick and I would definitely add more MUA's to my collection. I think the pale pinks and reds would probably be the best as the stronger colours would probably last longer than this mid pink and obviously for £1, they're the perfect lipsticks to experiment with colour!

What do you think of MUA's famous lipsticks? Any tips to make it last longer? Any shades I need to try?

G xxx

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Yesterday I saw one of my best friends for the last time (well, for a while) before she moves to Liverpool and goes to university! It was lovely to see her and although i'll feel lost without her i've already made lots of plans to visit her for shopping trips to Liverpool which i'm already incredibly excited about! 

So here's what I wore for our lunch trip to nando's featuring a pair of jodhpurs leggings you may have seen here that I just could not resist!

Matalan Blazer (similar here),
Matalan camisole (similar here),
Matalan jodhpurs (here)
Topshop ballet flats, (here)
Primark scarf (similar here)
Accessorize bag (similar here)

I thought this outfit was perfect for our lunch date: my Mulberry dupe bag, ever lasting and incredibly comfortable shoes and scarf are all old and very well loved and I just couldn't resist these leggings for a bargain £8. They're thicker than normal leggings so are the perfect transition piece going into winter and the brown pleather flaps are just adorable. They're so heritage and autumn! The blazer was another bargain (I paid £10 for it a couple of months ago when it was on offer) and although it's fitted and therefore quite formal, the leggings and accessories made it more casual and perfect to enjoy nandos in without feeling too overdressed!

What do you think of my OOTD? Like to see more posts like this from me? Let me know!

G xxx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A/W Wishlist

So it's now September (how?! Where has this year gone?!) which means summer is almost gone and winter is fast approaching.
 I'm a complete summer baby and hate the cold but with so many gorgeous winter clothes starting to appear, I can't help but get a tiny bit excited about my A/W wardrobe!

Oh my goodness... i'm so in love with my own wishlist! I could happily buy all of these things and wear them all winter long. I'm lusting over a tartan skirt and a mac the most this winter I think, they're so versatile and so classic. Tartan and two pieces are definitely my A/W must haves.. I'm planning to channel a very 90's 'Cher from Clueless' look this year! The socks and the over sized peplum top are both uncertains but they both look so wintery and lovely I couldn't resist adding them. Does anyone have any posts on how to wear either? The boots and the jumper are such winter classics although I do feel £75 is a little hefty for those boots they're just the perfect staple boots! I also included the full range of large Mulberry Willow Totes because I simply couldn't choose a favourite. Aren't they perfect? Although with prices ranging from £1,500 to £5,500 I think I might have to wait a while before I can start building my Willow collection! 

What do you think of my wish list? Have you got any yourself? I love to see them and get inspiration from you all!

G xxx