Friday, 31 January 2014

Matalan Two Piece:

Matalan matching two piece:Top- £14 
Skirt- £12

I first spotted this matching set a couple of weeks ago and although i've been trying to resist it, the temptation finally got too much and I caved in and bought it. The set is made up of a mid sleeved slightly cropped boxy fit top and a beautiful fit and flare skirt. The texture is so unusual: it's a really thick dotted material and feels so much more expensive than it actually costs! The skirt is £12 and the top is £14 which, seeing as though the pieces can be worn separately and together, is such a bargain. I went a size 8 in the skirt as it is very stretchy and is sort of bodycon before it flares at the bottom. I went for a medium in the top to get the perfect oversized, boxy feel.

I'm absolutely in love with this set, I seriously hope Matalan make more: especially at these amazing prices! I got the skirt & top for only £20 (with staff discount) which is what some stores would charge for the skirt alone. My only complaint is the necklace that comes attached to the top: it's made of an awful acrylic material and is absolutely not my style. It's also annoying stitched onto the top so to remove it I had to cut the hoop. Not a big problem though and easily fixed.

I've been playing it safe and teaming my two piece with black chelsea boots, my grey coatigan and a black bag for a chic, classic winter look. I'd like to maybe play with colours a little more and use this outfit as a base but as a colourphobe, I might just stick to my favourite colour- black! 
How would you wear the set? Anywhere else I can pick a bargain set up from?


Monday, 27 January 2014


I don't know about anyone else but I just can't resist a bargain.
Although I tried to put myself on a Jan Spending Ban (see what I did there?!) I failed miserably and ended up with some bargains that I just couldn't resist... Maybe February can be my shop free month..! 

River island faux fur purse (similar here):
I picked this purse up after the gold bar and cream colour caught my eye- it makes it look so expensive! The purse is a really unusual faux pony fur with a cream/ black leopard print pattern. For only £15 in the sale, I adore the style, the roominess and the interesting texture! 

Matalan Gem covered cream jumper (similar here):
I picked this jumper up in the sale for only £5.50 and I could not be happier. I'd been eyeing up the jumpers full price (£22) but when they went down so much I just couldn't resist. It's a super soft material, an easy to wear cream and the gems are so interesting. 

Topshop Longline blazer (similar here): 
Although this blazer has photographed absolutely terribly (thank you impromptu storm when I was trying to take pictures!) it's so unusual. It's a light scuba material and hangs to the knee with splits in the side. I've never seen anything like it and as I don't wear cardigans, I can see myself wearing it to death both layered up in the winter and as a cover up in warmer months.

Primark leather look trousers: 
I have actually previously bought these trousers (read about them here) but my first pair literally dropped to bits. I took them back last week minus a receipt (over zealous post Xmas cleaning!) and was given my £13 back although I was gutted I couldn't exchange as I loved them. I then called in a week later and there they were, in the sale! I very happily skipped to the tills with my bargain trousers. For £7 even if these ones drop to bits as well, I've got a great bargain! 

Topshop 'Chicago' Boots (similar here): 
Again, another terrible picture. These boots are just short of knee length and are a gorgeous suede/leather material. And, because it's no good to keep secrets, i'll let you into one of mine: I got these beautiful boots (RRP £95) from the most amazing website: They stock an enviable amount of branded clothes, handbags and shoes for seriously discounted prices. I got these boots, in brand new condition for only £14. I honestly can't fault the website: the staff are helpful, there's an amazing range of stock and the prices are just phenomenal. My mum has previously ordered clothes and they arrived quickly in amazing conditions like these boots. Most of the items are simply returns and have been worn once or, like these boots, are still brand new. Although I don't want to tell anyone about my new favourite store I just can't resist letting people know about the best bargains around! 

So there's my bargain filled January haul! Not bad considering I wasn't meant to be buying anything, oops...
Have you got any bargains recently? Anyone else a fan of next2nowt? 


Sunday, 26 January 2014

January favourites

Hi world!
So January is almost over and with the terrible weather we've been having, i've found myself more drawn to my beauty/ skincare collection: keeping my skin hydrated is my top priority in colder weather whereas I tend to just layer up fashion wise! Keep your eyes peeled for a haul post coming this week though... 

Possibly one of the most raved about eye creams, i've been using this Benefit beauty religious recently to protect my sensitive skin against the elements and insomnia. It's super silky and sinks into the skin so quickly.

This candle smells absolutely amazing. My boyfriend got me it for Christmas and I was very pleasantly surprised! It's description online is: 'The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent of nightfall' which is a bit long winded but accurate. Slightly cinnamon-y and musky, it's a really relaxing smell.

I bought this brush after seeing it recommended on endless blogs and after getting sick of my preferred sponges absorbing most of my foundation! I've only used the brush twice but so far it definitely seems worth the hype: it's made my foundation look much smoother and i'm looking forward to experimenting to see if it can contour. 

I've had various V05 conditioners over the years and always take them on holiday as the little 99p bottles are so handy, but i've never really seen it work any magic on my hair. However, when my shower tray was getting a little crowded I started using up spare conditioners and I was absolutely blown away by the V05 ones! I've tried 3 of the conditioners and they all make my hair super soft and this one has really added some shine. For 99p for the small bottle and between £1.89-£3.99 for 500ml it's a really inexpensive and impressive conditioner.

I'm not normally one for Chocolate scented body products as the smell is normally really synthetic and overly sweet. I've been loving this Shower Cream from the Body Shop that I recieved for Christmas though: the smell isn't quite chocolate but is really sweet and definitely cocoa-inspired. It lathers up really well and the smell lingers for ages. I'd definitely repurchase the shower gel and I love the sound of the lip balm!  

You can find this mentioned in my Lush haul and although I have been using it for its main purpose (as a make up remover on an evening), i've found it to be really effective using it to freshen up and prep my skin before applying my make up on a morning. It makes my skin feel calm and fresh and allows my make up to go on like an absolute dream: my normally dry skin is hydrated and any imperfections are soothed. 

That's my skin care heavy January favourites! 
Have any of these made your favourites for this month? 

Monday, 6 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2013:

Rare London Tassled Dress

Leopard Print Scarf

My usuals! (see here)

Christmas Chocolate is always a winner. 

Lots of lovely baking goodies!

The Help overload (read my review here

And finally, my new amazing canvas and blogging background! It's crayons melted and made by my amazingly talented sister. It's absolutely beautiful and so unique: thoughtful presents are definitely my favourite.

 I got my usual array of candles, smellies and, randomly, a tonne of coffee this year so it was definitely a success. I also included the Rare dress because I bought it from a friend for NYE a couple of days before Christmas... Buying things that close to Christmas just makes them presents to yourself, right? I've wanted the dress for ages so it was the icing on my Christmas cake to finally own it. My boyfriend also treated me to a beautiful necklace that you see on my instagram and the Great Gatsby on DVD as i'm huge fan of the 1920s and Baz Luhrmann's insane talent.  
Of course, like most bloggers doing this post, I haven't uploaded this to be a show off or brag, it's just nice to be nosey sometimes isn't it? And to look back on a truely amazing Christmas. I haven't had the best 2013 but I've seen it off in style and can't wait to hopefully make 2014 lovely! 

What did you get for Christmas? 

G xxx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Favourites:

Brown Clasp Tote Bag- Matalan:
Definitely one of the bargains of this year; I picked this bag up for only £15! I was desperate for a brown structured tote and although I was hoping I could pick one up in the Zara sale, I was disappointed when they assumed knocking £5 off constituted as a 'sale'. However, I picked up this gorgeous, roomy tote and it's barely left my arm since. It looks so expensive and the gold bar really adds to the sophisticated feel. 

Oversized Milatiry Navy Coat- Topshop:
I hit the sales with full intentions of getting a grey, oversized coatigan (similar to this beauty) and somehow came away with this military, structured navy coat?! Despite it being the complete opposite of what I wanted, i'm really loving this coat. I managed to pick it up for £35 (originally £75) and its a beautiful wool material and lined. It feels so luxurious and a nice change to my Primark jacket i've been wearing since September. Although this jacket isn't available online, you can still find it, and ones similar, in store.

After the sad news of Nelson Mandela's death, the world went into mourning but also remembered some of his most poignant words. I adore this quote and included it because Mandela was such an inspiring and important person who's influence was so great on the world. 

You can find this set reviewed here and I just had to include it in my December favourites. I love the packaging: it's so festive and beautiful and I love all the items included. My review contains more detail but I definitely couldn't recommend this set more, the perfect post-Christmas treat!

You can find Ocean Salt in my huge Lush haul here. I honestly don't think there's a better feeling than digging into a new Ocean Salt- the color, the texture... It's just all so fresh and so hardworking. Using this and Lush's 9-5 Facial Cleanser together recently has really transformed my skin and made it so soft and clear. I couldn't recommend Ocean Salt more as a really exfoliating scrub that manages to make your skin soft as well- magic!

What have been your favourites this month?