Tuesday, 30 September 2014

H&M Knitwear Haul:

The recent 20% student discount event at H&M sent me into a little bit of a winter wear hoarder mode. I love jumpers probably more than regular people and i'm ridiculously fussy about them so when I see a jumper I like I have to buy it immediately. This was definitely the case with these jumpers; they're all amazing, none itchy materials and so comfy and warm. I love the colours too; from my beloved black and white to a super cute blush pink colour to an amazing Topshop inspired beige colour number I was really spoilt for choice. 

The fluffy knit is definitely my favourite; I know Primark are currently doing fluffy knits for £10 and this was £14.99 (without discount) but I tried a Primark one and absolutely hated the fit; they made me feel puffed up and like some ridiculous fluffy monster. The H&M knit is completely different - it's thinner and more oversized which makes it feel more trendy and cool rather than me doing a bad impression of the Honey monster. 

I've been really impressed with the quality, prices and variety of the H&M knitwear- i'll definitely be going to them in future for knits that are an amazing quality and amazing quality.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Harvey Nichols AW14 Fashion Show:

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Harvey Nichols Autumn/Winter '14 Fashion Show in Leeds and boy was I in for a treat

After a blustery walk from the train station, I arrived at Harvey Nichols just before 7pm and was greeted by the friendly staff who ushered me in, presented with my (scented!) personalised envelope and told me the show would be starting at 7.30pm. I stuck to window shopping on the ground floor, which is beauty and make-up, to pass the time. There were plenty of people milling around and the atmosphere was electric as everyone waited for the show. We were then led into the entrance between HN and Leeds' famous Victoria Arcade and at this point we were given complimentary Prosecco while we waited for the show and admired the amazing architecture: watching the sun set through the impressive glass ceiling of Victoria Arcade is simply breathtaking and created the perfect backdrop especially whilst being seated amongst the shops; I sat in front of Reiss which provided me with even more window shopping opportunities!

Once the show started the clothes completely took over from the sky though; the looks were 'Sports Luxe', ' Mods & Rockers', Monochrome, 'Check It Out' and 'Evening' and featured styles for men and women. There were definitely strong monochrome and jewel colour themes running through the show which I can't wait to add to my wardrobe; they were classic and rich looks that seemed so luxurious and timeless while remaining fresh and effortless at the same time. Personal highlights for me were the show stopping Alice & Olivia Metallic Skirt that rippled under the spotlights with an almost liquidity, a Sandro Checked Coat that was perfect in its own simple, androgynism style, the flawless monochrome Alexander McQueen evening dress  a seriously 90s inspired Maje checked shirt combination and my personal favourite; a stunning Valentino Cape Dress that stole the show (and my heart- this was on my Christmas list as soon as I saw it!).

After the show finished we were ushered back inside where we were invited to shop to our hearts content with the store offering late night shopping until 10pm! Luckily I managed to avoid the Saint Laurent bags and Victoria Beckham dresses that were calling my name and escaped with only a couple of MAC purchases in tow. 
All in all, I had a fantastic night which provided me with an incredible amount of inspiration for my Winter wardrobe; i'm thinking rich jewel tones, 90s inspired checked skirts and maybe, just maybe the Valentino Cape-Dress of my dreams! 


Monday, 22 September 2014

Primark Haul:

I absolutely did not need to be hauling in Primark this month: i'm trying to be a proper grown up and save for a flat with my boyfriend and bar a trip to my favourite charity shop (it's for a good cause- i'd be a terrible person if I didn't call in at least once a week) and a sneaky Avon order, i've been positively angelic with my spending...
Until I "called" into Primark. Oops. Here goes a haul!

In my defence, I could have gone a lot crazier but I reined myself in and only tried to buy key pieces I genuinely need for the change of seasons; the hat and scarf are boring necessities but i'll thank myself when i'm warm in winter and I couldn't leave the slips-ons for only £6 - i've seen the ASOS ones doing the rounds but after hearing how uncomfortable they were, I decided against them so when I saw these dupes I decided me and my monochrome wardrobe needed them as a pair of desperately needed water proof casual shoes. To my relief they're so comfortable so i'm glad I didn't splash out.
The clutch and the necklace were my bargain buys because what would a Primark haul be without them? They were both only £1 and while sure I might have a million black bags and statement necklaces, I can never resist when they're less than a coffee! 
And finally, the piece de le resistance, the cleated sole Chelsea boots were an instant love-at-first-sight thing for me, they were only just being unboxed onto the shelves as I was there so I nabbed the first pair of 4's I saw feeling smug with myself for having the Primark buy of the season (in my humble opinion) before they undoubtedly sell out. I recently saw a ridiculously similar pair in River Island so again, i'm glad I didn't splash out because for only £15 these boots are so comfortable and such a statement piece. Grab yours before they're gone! 

What have you picked up from Primark recently? Any must-haves I need in my wardrobe? 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Probably the most casual you will ever see me, I fell in love with this huge, comfy sweatshirt from H&M a couple of weeks ago. It's the perfect boyfriend fit and while it does come in a range of patterns, I thought this 'NYC 91' was the least brash (and most black). For only £5.99 for such a cosy, comfortable jumper I couldn't resist and paired simply with leggings and my beloved Puma's, I think is about as 'sport chic' as i'll ever get - dressed (almost)  top to toe in my favourite colour of course! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Avon Haul:

Every month when i'm handed the Avon book I can't help but squeal with excitement; there's always a great deal on and I always end up with something. This month was no exception: I managed to pick up a much needed new mascara (read about my last one here), a couple of very naughty lipsticks I didn't really needed but really wanted (the pigmented 'Rapid Rose' and the very Kylie Jenner-esque 'Bare Impact' and my two personal favourites, the 
French Connection Watch and the 'Luck' perfume set. 

I picked up the FCUK watch as an alternative to my beloved ICE watch on the days where I want my arm wear to look a little more chic and for only £15 the Luck set (including a perfume, aerosol, body lotion and make up bag) is such a bargain for something that smells so good. 

I'm thinking of working the make up pieces and the perfume set into their own posts and i'm sure you'll see the watch included in an ootd but I just couldn't resist posting a haul of these bargains.

Do you love Avon too? Any essentials I need to pick up?


Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:

Another goodie from my Think Pink box, I rediscovered the 'Creamy Candy Bubble Bar' this week. I used to use these bubble bars religiously until I found The Comforter and found happiness in a black currant scented Lush bag. 

I had high hopes for the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar; in the past i've always enjoyed luxurious, bubbly baths from these bars and this one didn't disappoint. Although the smell and colour weren't quite as intense as i'd hoped, the bubbles more than made up for it; there were so many and they lasted right up until I got out of the bath a good hour later - a definite plus!

I really enjoyed the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar; it was good to revisit an old favourite and i'll definiely be repurchasing another one, although albeit one hopefully with a stronger scent and colour. 

Whats your favourite Lush product? Do you love Creamy Candy Bubble Bars too?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

York Day Out:

Last Monday I look my long suffering boyfriend to York for the day since I had the day off work and hadn't been to my favourite city in the longest time. I don't normally enjoy the 'tourist' parts of York as i'm normally there to visit family who unfortunately don't live next door to Bettys so it was good to see the sights and appreciate the history. 

As you can see from the pictures we were completely spoilt by the weather; it was sunny, warm but with a gentle breeze to keep us cool. The best thing about York for me is that it's such a compact city; everything you really want to see is squeezed within the City Walls and you can easily spend the day walking around and see all the sights- this means you don't have to spend money on tubes and don't have to be on uncomfortable, sweaty public transport in the lovely weather. 

We visited the shambles (I'm sorry but I really do not understand the appeal of the Shambles. It's one, crammed in, tiny street full of tourists.. what's to love?) the beautiful minister where I think I could happily spend a day just admiring the architect and Clifford Tower which you can read about me conquering here for the first time ever in my life.

 I also included my OOTD which was mostly made up of my amazing, white Zara dress I picked up for a measly £8 in the sale, the ASDA sandals and my mum's River Island leather jacket (naughty) and a H&M snakeskin kimono when the sun got too hot. I seem to be obsessed with monochrome outfits at the moment; they're so chic, easy and stylish. 

What's your favourite city? 


Monday, 1 September 2014

OOTD #7:

Duster Coat - Primark (Similar)

Tshirt - Matalan (Similar)
Jeans - Primark (Similar)
Sandals - George @ ASDA (Similar)

Sometimes, just sometimes I go a little bit crazy and vary from my all black wardrobe. When I spotted this duster coat / kimono in the Primark sale for just £7 I knew I had to have one; my kimono obsession is showing no signs of slowing down and I love it. Although this little patterned gem is a little long for me, it's a nice twist on a the average cardigan. They're so easy to throw on-whether it be as a throw on in the non-exsient summer and especially on those awkward not-quite-warm-but-not-quite-cold days we seem to experience a lot of.
The rest of my outfit is pretty average bar my amazing sandals from the ever wonderful George @ ASDA that I was wearing in my last post as well! Oops. What can I say that- I love these sandals and I wear them too much.

What are your go to transseasonal items? Do you love Kimonos too?

OOTD #6:

Kimono - Topshop Via Next2Nowt (Similar)
Fringed Bag - Vintage (similar)
Sandals - George @ ASDA (Similar

A super quick OOTD from me, this is what I wore on Sunday to run some errands. Since the weather had perked up a little I pulled out of my kimonos and threw on my favourite sandals- it made a nice change from the coats i've been huddled in all week.. I'm definitely not built for the cold! 

My bag is a vintage Next one I found in a charity shop years ago that I tend to forget about but it's real leather so keeps aging beautifully. My top is H&M and was a bargain £3.99- I have enough leopard print tshirts to last me a lifetime but at less than a coffee, it's hard to resist another.

Big shout out to my pooch that completely gatecrashed my photos aswell.. believe it or not these two were the best of photo bombed bunch! She clearly thought she was looking on point and wanted in on the action... maybe another time!