Sunday, 25 January 2015

Night-Time Skin Routine:

When I turned 20 I promised myself I would throw myself into a proper skin care routine; it's fine being lazy with my skin now but I know in 20 years i'll hate myself for my lax approach to keeping those wrinkles at bay. I bought the Body Shop's Camomile makeup remover a few months go and I absolutely swear by it now; it makes my skin so soft and removes all my make up with no problems. On my lazy nights (hey, i'm still human!) I allow myself to just use this to take off my face because it's so moisturising.
Next up I use the Vitamin E serum-in-oil and the eye cream to keep any pesky wrinkles at bay and keep my skin smooth and silky and finally, if my skin has had a breakout, I use the Arbonne Blemish calming cream to target specific areas straight away. That's it for my skin; I didn't want a complex routine so I stuck to a few products to do it all.
The other two items I included, the hand food and the sleep mist are probably the cheapest on my list and actually, probably my favourite. Although I don't find 'Hand Food' as softening and easily absorbed as the Body Shop's 'Vitamin E' hand cream ( which lives in my handbag), I love the smell and it really does work. Finally, the sleep mist (which is now a bargain £2.20!) is easily the best product i've ever used to help tackle my recurring insomnia - I don't understand how it works but I simply spray it all over my pillow and blankets and let myself drift away.

What's in your night time routine? Any must-haves I need to include? 


Two-tone Topshop:

You know when, sometimes, you see an item and it's just love at first sight? 
Enter, the Topshop two tone sequin dress.
 I actually totally fell for this dress before Christmas when it was £68 but I couldn't justify spending so much money on a completely impractical dress I really didn't need... forward to January and when I spotted this dress, in the sale for a bargain £20 in my size I just knew it was coming home with me. I love the two tone effect; the sequins are quite loose with one side being silver and one bronze which means as I walk around, the sequins move and change colour (it's also a lot of fun running your hand over it to change the colours because I am clearly too easily entertained!). Although the dress is £30 in the link provided, I picked it up in petite in store for £20 so it's definitely worth going to your local store for this little beauty. 
Finally, I must apologise for the quality of the mirror picture! Recent building works in my house mean I have no-where to take pictures at the minute that isn't filled with concrete or bricks... glamorous!

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales? How would you style this dress? 


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lush Christmas Haul:

Now I know most of these goodies (bar my number one LUSH product, the infamous Comforter) are seasonal and Christmas only but since I decided against doing a "What I Got For Christmas" post I wanted to incorporate a little bit of the Christmas spirit into my blog..... in January. I'm looking at it as a really early way of you knowing what to buy next Christmas and reviewing these lovely, bubbly gifts that are making my bedroom smell fantastic. I'm a prolific hoarder of Snow Fairy but I couldn't do a LUSH Christmas post without mentioning it! If you've never tried Snow Fairy you are missing out on a treat. It's basically Christmas in a bottle with it's pear drop smell and amazing pink lather. I also use it as bubble bath to have the most amazing smelling baths. I was also lucky enough to be treated to a couple of Lush's christmas bath goodies; the Snow Fairy scented 'Magic Wand' Bubble Bar and the Butterbear Ballistic which is a must have for Cocoa Butter lovers like myself. I'm not sure if i'll ever get round to using these goodies since they smell so amazing but i'll be posting about them as soon as I do!

Did you get any Lush must haves for Christmas? Any Christmas specials I need to try next year?

Zara Sale Haul:

Striped tshirt (Similar)
Tunic (Similar)
Skirt (Similar)

I suppose three items doesn't really constitute a 'haul' but I just had to share these bargains I picked up a Zara this week!
 I actually only went to return a bag after I had the worst experience with their pick-up returns system, but couldn't resist having a look around whilst I was in store. I could have easily bought more but I was with my parents who are the most annoying people to shop with (seriously, it's like shopping with 4 year olds!) so I limited myself to a couple of wardrobe basics. I've already worn the striped tshirt a couple of times and paired the tunic with my faux fur gilet for my friends daughters first birthday party- it's definitely my favourite buy; for £7.99 its a really thick material with a really unusual print and it's so comfortable.  The skirt was a bit of wildcard buy for me because I have no idea when or where i'm going to wear it, but I loved the overlay detail too much to say no. 

Did you pick anything up in the Zara sale? Any bargains I need to grab?


Saturday, 17 January 2015



At the beginning of December Samuel and I decided to explore a little bit more of the world and booked a trip to Budapest. It's no secret I love cities and although i'm desperate to visit Paris, we couldn't justify such an expensive trip just before Christmas. Budapest is actually the cheapest city in Europe so we booked a trip with a little trepidation and hoped for the best.... 

We arrived on Wednesday evening to our hotel over looking Heroes Square which was beyond all my expectations- they even offered a takeaway service so after a long day travelling we could simply curl up in the insanely comfy beds, order some amazing burgers and relax. When Thursday came round we woke up and headed to Budapest Zoo which was amazing. For a measly £5 entrance fee there is an aquarium, a petting zoo, sections from around the world and we were even given a one to one tour of the 'Darwin' exhibition. After a coffee and cake, we headed for a wander around the city park and the Hungarian museum of Agriculture which was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. In the evening we took a taxi into the centre of Budapest and headed to the Christmas market which, after a couple of cups of Mulled Wine I completely forgot to photograph... oops. I'm not normally one for Christmas Markets because I appreciate my personal space, but the Budapest one was so authentic, varied and well spread out that I really enjoyed it. 

On Friday we woke up early and headed for a coffee-and-croissant breakfast in one of Budapest's many, gorgeous little cafes- their independent coffee shops put our overpriced, bland Starbucks etc. completely to shame. We walked into the centre of the city afterwards and spent the day sightseeing; we visited St Stephens Bascillica, the Hungarian Parliament building and really emerged ourselves into the city and culture. Budapest has the most amazing mix of old, majestic buildings and all the modern amenities and features any good city should have. We stayed in the centre of Budapest all day (stopping for regular coffee and cake breaks, obviously!), and even enjoyed some cocktails in the Hard Rock Cafe which topped off our whirlwind trip perfectly. 

I absolutely loved Budapest and definitely want to go back. Have you ever been? Any other  

Monday, 12 January 2015

Zara Shopper Bag:

Zara Shopper Bag (similar): 

Another sale, another handbag! I was ready and waiting with my bank card when the zara sale hit because I just knew I needed a new black handbag to replace my beloved city bag. I'd eyed up this shopper tote in store full price but couldn't justify the £49.99 price tag so I snapped it up in the sale! 

It's a really roomy, simple leather tote with suede panels on the sides and a simple magnet button to close. I love this bag but really struggled with the lack of compartments: the city bag has three zip up sections whereas the shopper is one section with no pockets. If you can still pick this bag up in the sale i'd definitely recommend it for its slouchy shape but it's definitely a weekend one for me- the city bag with all its practically (and beauty) is the perfect everyday bag that I couldn't live without. 


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer:

I've been a fan of Benefits 'Porefessional' for almost as long as I've been wearing makeup and couldn't imagine not using a primer but I can't deny I've been tempted by the other, cheaper primers that have exploded onto makeup counters everywhere. I went with Rimmel since I currently use their 'Match Perfection' and find the coverage unbeatable. For £5.99 it's almost £20 cheaper than Benefits Porefessional and although I wasn't expecting much, I've been very pleasantly surprised. 

The primer is much thicker than Benefits but not as greasy. I simply apply it with a sponge all over my face and although I have to use more than with Porefessional, I find it sits much nicer on my skin and means my foundation goes on like a dream and lasts all day. 

For the price, I'd definitely recommend trying Rimmels Stay Matte Primer. Are there any other drugstore primers I need to try? 

Monday, 5 January 2015


Hey world, long time no blog!
I won't make excuses for my blogging absence; I completely neglected my online life in favour of enjoying December with the most important people around me and I regret nothing. The boy and I managed to visit Budapest and Brighton, spent another new years together and I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I'm still working on my Budapest post but I can't wait to show you guys it! I almost want to keep it to myself to stop everyone going to my new favourite city.

However, on to todays post, I managed to persuade Sam we just had to visit Brighton and so last Friday with the sun beating down on us, we finally made it! Brighton was everything I hoped it would be; quirky, quaint and choccywoccydoodah was the stuff of dreams. Although if you do visit the choccywoccy cafe, definitely get a piece of cake to share; a slice of the praline truffle cake and a hot chocolate each managed to defeat us and leave us with serious food babies. The shop is also a true feast for the eyes (especially those world famous cakes!) although it veers on being a little too cramped... I suppose it simply adds to charm, right?
After a blissful few hours stuffing our faces with cake and fish and chips (a must at the seaside!), winning minions at the Brighton pier arcade and wandering around the dreamy Lanes in and out of all the quirky little shops, we headed home.