Sunday, 8 February 2015


Necklace - Primark (similar) 
Skirt - Zara (similar
Heels - Primark (similar

I feel like I haven't done an ootd in the longest time so I had to blog about this look I wore for a friends' 21st last week. This skirt was actually a bargain buy from Zara (I think it was about £4 in the summer sale) and it's probably one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe - I wear it for work, going out and just casual because it's so comfy and goes with everything. I teamed it with this insane Primark chain effect choker necklace (I love the ASOS one I linked though!) and an all black look - including my love-to-hate affectionately named 'Devil Shoes' - the barely there sandals. Such a gorgeous pair of shoes but so damn uncomfortable!

What are your go-to pieces? Anyone else struggle with their barely there sandals?


Boots Haul:

Ever have one of those months where everything runs out? This month I found myself scraping foundation out of the bottle and pressing my eyebrow pencil on little bit harder to try and use the little bit left. So, a trip to Boots was on cards and of course, I came away with some extra's too!

I picked up my make up bag essentials; the Bourjois foundations and some make up sponges that I use everyday and since I was after a new concealer, the Miss Sporty Coverstick won me over with its lipstick shaped applicator that is so easy to use. I also couldn't resist the Seventeen nail polish that I picked up for only £1.50 in the reduced section! It chips super easily but I love the dark grey colour and it applies so smoothly. Finally, I picked up the Collection 'Work The Colour' eyebrow kit which I love so much it'll be getting it's own post - it contains three solid powders in a range of shades (perfect for all brows!) and a clear mascara. I've been absolutely amazed by the quality (especially for only £4) so I can't wait to show you it properly in its own post. 

Have you picked up any must haves from Boots recently? Any other "Work The Colour" fans? 


Primark's "PS Love Your Hair" Brunette Shampoo:

PS Love Your Hair @ Primark Brunette Shampoo:

I picked this shampoo up from Primark in my recent haul but decided to blog about on its own because I was so intrigued! As far as I can tell, Primark haircare (shampoo, conditioners, hair protectors etc) is a relatively new venture but true to form, it's inexpensive (£1.50 for my shampoo) and the bottle looks good.. but does it do the job?

I went for the brunette shampoo because i've been seriously neglecting my colour recently and I already have a million 'anti frizz' shampoos. The bottle has a squeezy nozzle top and smells amazing- I could really smell the black tea and sage which made it smell quite musky. It didn't give my hair that 'freshly washed smell' but rather a more perfumed smell which I actually preferred! I've noticed i've had to use quite a lot of the product because it doesn't lather up fantastically.. but for £1.50 i'm not going to moan about using too much product. In terms of the actual shampoo, i've really enjoyed using it- my hair feels clean, smells great and my colour looks fantastic- a lot of the redder undertones have been brought out to make my colour look deeper and shinier.

I'd definitely recommend the Primark haircare - for the price it's a great way to experiment with different products to see what really works with your hair and I can't way to try more of the range!

Have you tried Primark haircare? Any pieces I need to try? 


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Trinity Kitchen:

You might have seen my post about my Leeds Trinity Primark haul, but I couldn't go to Trinity without trying one of the many restaurants. 
We originally wanted to go to The Alchemist (that i've been dying to try since it opened!) but the boy wanted real food and I couldn't decide what I wanted so we headed to Trinity Kitchen to see what took our fancy - Trinity Kitchen is basically a huge space filled with seven permanent restaurants areas and 5 street food vendors that change monthly. It means, in one area, you have this amazing mix of smells, people and sights selling everything from Champagne cocktails to burgers to recycled food. (no, seriously!) 

We finally settled on 'Chicago Burger Shack'  because if there's one thing me and the boy can agree on, it's that we love burgers. I went for the Classic 100% beef burger with extra cheese and a chocolate shake and Sam choose the Cheese and Bacon burger (with a caramel shake). We were handed a pager and went to explore a little further and took a seat. When our food arrived I didn't even manage to photograph it because I was that hungry and it was so good. Seriously, the meat wasn't at all chewy or too greasy and my shake was perfect; not too thick and mixed with ice cubes to make it refreshing. I also have it on very good authority that the caramel shake was equally as delicious. 

As much as I loved Chicago Burger Shack, if I went back I think i'd definitely try another restaurant- there's so much choice and I loved the look of the pizza, the Mexican and the contemporary Indian... 

Have you ever been to Trinity Kitchen? Any restaurants I need to try next? 


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Primark Haul:

Floppy hat (similar), Triangle cuff (similar), bead effect necklace (similar),
 collar necklace (similar), metallic tshirt (similar), Kardashian tshirt (similar)

So last weekend saw me and the long suffering boyfriend finally visiting the Leeds Trinity shopping centre! Trinity opened ages ago and bar a quick wander into H&M, I've barely explored. Primark was obviously my first port of call and it is seriously amazing. Although they didn't have the ripped knee jeans i'm obsessed with, I did manage to pick up a floppy hat I've barely taken off and this super cute Kardashian tshirt. I'd nearly bought the Missguided Kardashian tee (linked above) before I saw it for £5 less in Primark and it's made a super comfy cotton material although my boyfriend was seriously miffed they'd left Kris off (super fan alert!). The mesh tshirt was a bargain at £3 and I'm a serious magpie when it comes to primark jewellery so of course I had to pick up these Topshop-looking pieces. 

Have you picked up anything from Primark recently? Any stores I can still get my hands on the ripped jeans?