Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Avon Matte Nails in "Violetta":

Another day, another Avon polish! This one got a lot of love when I posted a picture on my Instagram and I couldn't wait to share it with you all properly. 
The matte effect polishes are new to Avon and the purple shade, Violetta, caught my eye despite me definitely not being a purple loving girl- it just looks so magical. I love the look of matte nails but after a disastrous Shellac experience, my newly grown nails are now shorter than I'd like and I wasn't sure the colour would work on them. However I was pleasantly surprised when I applied to polish- one coat covered my nails perfectly but two was enough to really pack a colour punch and you can literally see the polish dry the second you apply it which, when you're impatient like me, is amazing! My only tiny complaint is that I couldn't apply a top coat because I didn't want to ruin the matte effect and I've notice the polish chips quickly on the ends - not massively but enough for me to have to top it up daily but for such a good coverage and colour (and since it drys in seconds!) I really can't complain. 

I absolutely love this colour and the matte effect and can't wait to try the rest of the range - especially the matte white which I think will be perfect for summer! 


Monday, 27 April 2015


AKA... the seventies look

Necklace - Primark (similar - and nicer!)

Outtake alert! I just had to include my hair flick picture that is just the perfect timing and pretty much sums me up. I feel like the really sassy 'hand flick' emoji and I love it. 

 I ordered this Miss Selfridge skirt last Thursday night after a lot of uhm-ing and ah-ing about buying it; I was desperate to get my hands on the Primark £10 version but after calling every Primark in West Yorkshire (honestly, I wish I was joking) to no avail I gave up and ordered this beauty. It arrived first thing Saturday morning via normal delivery (and a very friendly Hermes driver!) which was amazing and I was so glad that a. I ordered the size up since there isn't a lot of stretch in the style or material and b. that I paid that little bit much for it; the quality is amazing - the denim is so soft. 

I paired the skirt with my worn-to-death black, long sleeved top from New Look and a chunky gold necklace for a more 90's vibe in this post for a look I will literally wear to death this year. Don't get me wrong though, I can't wait to style this skirt to its full 70s potential; i'm thinking gypsy tops, fringing and platform sandals galore! I'm loving how versatile this skirt is, it's really surprised me for what I thought would be a total one-outfit-skirt and I can't wait to make it another wear to death item! 

Friday, 24 April 2015

La Crepe Boutique:

Aka the best ever crepes I've ever tasted. 
Last night me and my mother bear headed to the White Rose shopping centre for a little bit of quality time and retail therapy. Not only did I end up coming home with a lot more bags than I intended (haul coming soon!) I also headed home with this glorious, calorific explosion of tastiness from La Crepe Boutique, 

La Crepe Boutique is a stall in the White Rose (that used to be called  Crêpes Gavroche FYI) on the lower floor near Clintons heading towards New Look. It smells amazing and you can smell the drool-inducing smell all the way along the centre. We actually called just as the White Rose was closing on Thursday night at 9pm and the two staff member absolutely amazing (especially since it was 9.01pm and they were attempting to shut up shop!) they simply asked us what we wanted and got on with making them while smiling and being ridiculously chirpy after what i'm sure was a long day. We both went for the 'mix' crepe which was £3.95 and consisted of strawberries, bananas and Nutella. I absolutely loved that the lady cut up the fresh fruit there and then while the man cooked the crepe - it's some serious teamwork and so entertaining to watch: you can literally watch the crepes turn that gorgeous brown shade! The crepes are then slathered in Nutella straight after cooking, topped with the fruit, carefully wrapped up in a napkin, topped with cream and handed over with a smile. They're best devoured while still warm and although we both discarded our spoons, you might find yourself covered in whipped cream - all i'm saying is its a good job the place was quiet! We absolutely loved these crepes but found that one was a little bit too much for us each (especially after a McDonalds.. oops..) as the Nutella made it a little sickly however I think I could definitely demolish a whole one on an emptier stomach and my mum is keen to try the other flavour combinations, especially the classic lemon and sugar. 

I can't wait to head back to La Crepe Boutique; in fact i'm already thinking up excuses to visit the White Rose. My only problem is, what flavour will I go for next?


Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Tartan Scarf - Primark (Similar
Sheer top (just seen) - Dorothy Perkins (Similar)

Over the Easter weekend the LSB (long suffering boyfriend) and I headed to our favourite place in Birmingham - The Wildlife Conservation Centre for the final time as Sam is now in his last year at uni! I know some people don't agree with zoos /conservation centres but personally, I think in a lot of circumstances if the animal is endangered in its natural environment and can be cared for in the most sensible, appropriate and loving way then I think it's a safe place and well worth my time. I would never support cruel places like Seaworld that put profit above animal welfare but I love places that obviously really care about the animals. 

Animal rights speech aside, for our trip I paired my 'Disco' ripped jeans (that after an age of looking for, are still not right - for me they're just not ripped enough but i'm too scared to rip them anymore myself!) with a basic sheer top and my favourite could-be-asos Primark slip ones. I threw on my huge tartan scarf / blanket and my practically vintage Miss Selfridge leather jacket as this was before the current heat wave so I needed to keep warm. For me this was a pretty basic outfit, even Sam commented on how 'sensibly' I was dressed - head to toe in my favourite colour of course! I love this outfit for the perfect weekend look when I need to dash around probably doing some errands.

Whats your go-to outfit? 



Aka the "coachella"

Duster Jacket - Primark (Similar)

Elephant print gypsy top - Primark (Similar) 

Although it's now over for another year (and I still haven't got my invite!) April, for me, means only one thing: Coachella! I love looking to what the celebs wear as inspiration for my summer wardrobe and love the boho vibe that drenches the festival.

I noticed this year there was more of a laidback vibe, the 90s 'don't care' influence was in full force and as a result there seemed to be a lot less maxi skirts and more two pieces and a more simplistic way of dressing. While I love the 70's feel (keep your eyes peeled for a post ft. this gorgeous skirt) i'm definitely more of a casual 90's girl at heart - give me a scrunchie over a flower crown anyday!  For my Coachella inspired look I paired this beautiful Topshop lace dress with a duster coat for a really interesting but simple look- I think they really flow together and look so casual. I then chucked on this bargain boho Primark crop top underneath because, hey, it wouldn't be Coachella without a little bit of boho, right? 

What would you wear to Coachella?