Thursday, 29 October 2015


Floppy Hat - Primark (similar)
Ankle Boots - ZARA (similar)
Furry Gilet - Primark (similar)

Finally, a new OOTD post! It feels like forever since I got my self timer out, but now we're slightly more settled in the flat (you can just see our sofa peeking out, after a week sitting in camping chairs I can't express how much i love that damn sofa) I wanted to get back to posting outfit posts more often so when Boutique of Molly got in touch it was perfect timing. Boutique of Molly are an individual on-line boutique that do an amazing range of glamorous dresses and more casual, on trend pieces like my pick, the 'Dora' dress. I was totally spoilt for choice; the 'Olivia' two set was my original lust have (and it's now in the sale!) and I loved the 'Georgia' dress (great name, too!) but for settled on the Dora because I love the on trend lace up detailing and knew the casual piece would get far more wear in my wardrobe. 

For the actual outfit I paired the dress with a pair of western style ankle boots I picked up in the ZARA summer sale and my trusty, oversized Primark floppy hat. I did originally style the dress belted in with my Primark gilet, but ditched the gilet in the end to really show off the slightly flared sleeves and the gorgeous fit of the dress - sometimes less is more, right? The dress itself has those bell sleeves I mentioned which feel so 70s and current and is made of a thick, jersey material. This means it's really soft and comfortable and not restricting at all - food baby appropriate. I feel totally Halloween ready in this outfit (some pass me my broomstick!) but I also feel really comfortable and stylish which is perfect. Like I said, this is a total 'me' outfit so I can see myself living in this dress all winter. I'm already planning what else to pair it with... knee high boots, sandals in the summer, there's so many options! 

If you're looking for a really affordable, fashionable website I couldn't recommend Boutique of Molly more - there's such a great range of clothing and the delivery is really reliable. Personally, i'd rather buy reasonably priced pieces from individual boutiques like BOW and give them my support (and know that my piece is unique!) than buy from massively popular stores all the time. You know I love Primark as much as the next girl but sometimes, it's nice to have a change. 

Have you shopped on BOM? Do you like lace up dresses? 


* I received the 'Dora' dress at a discounted rate in lieu for my review but all opinions are my own *

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday Wisdom:

- Courtesy of Jenny Colgan's 'Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams' 


Friday, 23 October 2015

Topshop Mac:

You might have seen this coat feature on my instagram recently and after trying it on, I fell instantly in love with it and had to have it (despite trying to save money.. as always!) however, at the time Topshop had 20% student discount and I've wanted a camel jacket for the longest time so couldn't resist. 

As you can see, the jacket is a really lightweight, camel colour cotton material so hey, it's not waterproof but it does look amazing and layers up like a dream. I purposely got this jacket a little bigger than I needed so I could wear it over an abundance of winter layers but if you do want to purchase it, make sure you size down! I personally didn't struggle with the sizing, like I said I sized up but did think, for a small size it feels huge (For reference, i'm a 8-10 and bought it in a 8.. however I do normally buy jackets in a 6-8 because i'm petite) but allllll the reviews were talking about how big fitting it is so don't be caught out. As any long time readers will know, I absolutely do not do colour so I think this jacket in its neutral shade works really well with my monochrome wardrobe, but I can imagine it working just as well with a really autumnal palette. The mac is made of a really lightweight, cotton material which I really like but for £89 I can understand why some people would think it's over priced.. however, I know i'll live in this mac in spring and autumn for years to come because it's such a classic so for me, it's totally worth it. I don't mind paying a little for a winter coat because I like a different one every winter but for transitional items, I like to pay a bit more and know they'll last. 

I absolutely love this jacket and can't stop wearing it! It's pefect for autumn and will work just as well layered up in winter. I'm so happy I've finally got a mac - it was definitely worth the wait. 


Make-Up Essentials:

I'm not really one for light anything - I don't travel light and i've never been the sort of girl who can just nip to the shops with no makeup on. However, thanks to my recent move to the south, i've been rushed off my feet everyday and enjoying lazy days in equal measure plus, unfortunately, the majority of my makeup collection is still in storage *sob*. As a result, i've found myself avoiding foundation and eyeshadows and adopting a 'less is more' kinda face that still gives me the coverage (and the brows!) I can't live without. 

I do always start with a primer, however i'm currently using up Benefit's 'Porefessional' so it wasn't in a pretty enough state to photograph and therefore it didn't make the cut! I then mix Garnier's famous BB cream with 'High Beam'. I picked the BB cream up in a 99p store so there wasn't much choice in the shades and it is a little too dark for me, but mixing with High Beam lightens it and gives me a really nice, summery glow that I appreciate in the winter! I love this BB cream - it manages to feel really lightweight when I apply it, but gives a really consistent, quite thick coverage that I love as a base or on its own for a everyday look. I also then use High Beam as a highlighter on my cheeks and my jaw line to try and contour a little bit of definition in them (!) and again, give me a little bit of a glow. I love that High Beam is so easy to build up and versatile, it's definitely become my make up must have. I then always add a little bit of mascara to define my eyes.. at the minute i'm reaching for Avon's 'Big & Daring' which gives fantastic coverage, look out for this in its own post coming soon!
And then finally, my favourite part, the eyebrows. I start by filling my brows in the middle medium brown colour in the Collection kit, then defining the shape (and that all important eyebrow arch!) with Benefit's Brow Zing then finally, fill in any spare spots with MUA's eyebrow pencil. I also use the spool brush on the end of the eyebrow pencil to blend my eyebrows to make sure they're the same, matching colour. I find the MUA pencils such good value for £1, although they don't have the lasting power of my preferred powder, its great for filling in gaps and the little spool brush that comes attached is easily the best thing for guaranteeing even brows! 

So that's my makeup basics! What are your basic essentials? 


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Primark Scarf:

Primark Reversal Scarf - £7

You might have seen this scarf popping up on my instagram recently and I just had to feature it in its own post after being asked a few times where it was from (not ZARA as someone mistakenly thought!). The scarf is reversable with a tartan check pattern on one side and a houndstooth pattern on the other which means it's basically two scarves and really versatile. I love the effect of both patterns clashing together (as shown in the first picture) when it's worn and it really brightens up a basic outfit, especially my signature all black looks. I've also been really impressed with the quality of this size for £7 - it's so thick and made of a really snuggly, non scratchy wool material. I'm happy to admit that i've also been using this scarf as a throw / blanket to keep me warm on an evening and even tucked my niece up in it the other day for a spurr of the moment afternoon nap (don't judge us, as soon as winter arrives I can't stay awake!). I love scarves that are ridiculously over sized and comfortable and so for the price, i'm so happy with this scarf - expect to see me wrapped in it all winter!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

LUSH Fairy Dust:

You wanna know what I think is the best thing about winter? You can keep your firework night, your coats, your dark evenings and hot chocolate... i'm all about Snow Fairy season. Yep, as soon as October rolls around it only means one thing for me - the sweetest, pinkest, sparkliest shower gel and it's new counter part glittery talc, Fairy Dust. I was lucky enough to be gifted Fairy Dust (because I have the best friends in the world) and so immediately had to use it and as per, I wasn't disappointed!
Like I said, Fairy Dust is basically the consistency of a talcum powder (albeit being a pink, sparkly talc) with the scent of Snow Fairy (and it smells exactly the same! Unlike the disappointing 'Father Christmas' bath bomb!) and lots and lots of glitter. Whoever invented Fairy Dust needs a promotion in my opinion because this stuff rocks. I've been applying it post shower to my arms and chest and it smells so sweet, it's a great base for sweet perfumes, great on its own and really, really good to enhance the smell of Snow Fairy and make you smell like Tinkerbell allll day. I actually just used Snow Fairy in the shower, then Fairy Dust post shower the other day and received a few compliments on how nice I smelt which is great for a shower gel & talc combination! My only problem with Fairy Dust is the sparkliness but that's purely because my body lotion also contains 'a hint of shimmer' (read - a tonne of glitter) in it so when I wear my lotion and Fairy Dust together, I basically turn into Edward Cullen / a disco ball but hey, it's better than being pale and drab, right? 

I absolutely love this product - i'm so happy LUSH are extending their Snow Fairy range and I never thought i'd be so excited about a talc! I've said it before but LUSH are definitely the experts at taking a basic product and making it something special. And, of course, the product is vegan and suitable for sensitive skin and with it being a talc, it's super light on the skin and sinks in really well. 
Have you tried Fairy Dust? 


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Yankee Candle in 'Snowflake Cookie':

First up, i'd like to apologise to the world for my blogging break - you might remember around Christmas time I went totally off the radar to enjoy some quality time with my nearest and dearest and basically, i've been doing exactly the same in the last couple of weeks. At the time of writing this, my boyfriend and I will be moving into our first flat together (and i'll be moving cross country - eek!) tomorrow so life the last couple of weeks has just been a whir of seeing my family and friends and packing. So. Much. Packing.. how I collect so much stuff i'll never know. Our new flat doesn't have internet as of yet, but i'm hoping to write up tonnes of posts to publish and just use good ol' 3G to keep me up to speed! Anyway, now you're caught up, lets get back to the candle!

Lets get one thing stated first (and risk making myself a pariah in the blogging /general life community) I hate winter; I suffer badly with the cold, have a vitamin D deffincy and generally hate the dark / cold. Plus, winter clothes are really expensive! So, to ease my winter pain, I like to crack open a Christmas scented candle as soon as October rolls around. This time, I went for 'Snowflake Cookie'. The smell of this candle is amazing - it smells like a mix of baking (duh), similar to the Vanilla Frosting candle, mixed with a really sweet, pefumey smell. If you've ever smelt 'Pink Sands', imagine that mixed with baking. It is a super sweet, fragrant smell.... until it burns. Snowflake Cookie is one of the more expensive Yankee Candles (you can get the cheaper ' Simply Home' ones at ASDA) so I was excepting it to smell strong (i'm all about that value for money life) but it really doesn't. I've had the candle lit, next to my bed all evening for a week so the burn time is fantastic but I can't smell it! I like candles to be quite strong scented but this is much more subtle - it's a scent that if you leave the room and leave it burning, you notice the smell when you walk in but if you light it while you're in the room it's too subtle to notice. Like I said, I like my candles to be value for money; I like to light one and be able to smell it, strongly, all night. However with Snowflake Cookie i've found it's a good 'small room' candle or good to enhance the smell of other candles - for example i've been lighting this and the Strawberry scented IKEA candles together to get a really sweet, fragrant smell but to be honest, I resent doing that when it's not a cheap candle and it just smells sweet, not christmassy or with any real depth like I was hoping. 

I'll continue burning this candle and like I said, it's great for small rooms or corridors thanks to its subtle smell but would I repurchase? Probably not. I'll stick to my favourite - the Simply Home 'Toasted Marshmallow' that's cheaper and has a better scent throw range. Do you like Snowflake Cookie?